My All New Volkswagen Polo

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I had bought 4 years/ 60000 kms VW AMC (Rs. 34072/-)at the time of purchasing car which costed me 8.5k/year with lot of peace of mind during last 4 years. The service of VW cars is 15k kms/ 1 year whichever is ealier basis.

Though my average running was 4k kms./year. It is a good option for those who actually run 15k kms. a year. People like me can better get services done on payment basis instead of an AMC. Only thing is that you must be aware about what is essential and what is not.

To sum up, with my experience i can say that for VW Polo petrol cars which run around 5k-8k kms a year the service cost will be around 6k-8k a year which is good by any standard.

The normal things a VW Polo Petrol needs every year is just a oil change, change of some filters like air/oil/AC and cleaning. That's it. If you don't drive in bushes, WA/WB once every 10k will be enough. This was 1st WA/WB done on my car in last 4 years. The major cost in service is oil which costs half of the total service cost @ around 1k per litre.

Now the reason why i bought this AMC. At that time VW was new in Indian market and things were not so clear from a customer point of view. There was lot of badmouthing about VW all over the internet forums and overcharging by some dealers reported on this forums, when if bought the car. Hence i bought the AMC to ensure that my ownership is free of hassles.

Overall i am happy with my decision of buying a VW and AMC for it. VW's are best VFM cars one can buy in India.

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