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Rust & corrosion

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New age cars are from various makers, Indian as well as MNCs as well as JVs, with many world class fittings and accessories. But are they giving VFM bodies? My Alto is 7.5 year old without any sign of underbody rust (anti rust coat was applied only in wheel portion), but I have seen 3 Hyundai 5 year old Santro cars (having similar anti rust coat) to have widespread rust in underbody, requiring hefty expenditure to set it right. What are your experience?



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BornFree2011-03-10 07:34:21

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There are many factors behind rusting  to name a few -

1.thickness of metal used

2.underbody protection

3.drain holes

4. coastal areas and places with high humidity and wet areas( I mean were it rains heavily)

5. presence of a clean garage for parking the car

6. type of anti rusting used

7.  maintenance

Our Maruti 800(SS80 and SB308) suffered from rusting and floor boards were  replaced.The silencer or the exhaust pipe was frequently affected in 800s.

Anti rust can only delay rusting or prevent to some extent because with time effects wears out with time or its effect may even get diminished quickly if there is poor upkeep of the vehicle.As a general rule cars in coastal areas are affected more.

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Neither Koreans nor Americans can match the Japaneese Refinement, fineese & build quality of European cars.

Many Hyundais, even in Non-Coastal reigons are reported such Rust & Underbody problems than Maruti Suzukis or Hondas, Toyotas, etc.

Even on asking one Hyundai Sales executive few days back about i20's Body, Paint Warranty revealed nothing from him & he only replied that it's covered under same Basic Warranty of a car, which is 2 years(extendable upto another 2 years).


Japaneese, European or Americans really love to build & drive SuperMachines which excel in any area like Originality, Perfection & that Charm about the machines/cars/bikes is reflected from their products, which are more meant to lure their customers/Owners than making money alone. 

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