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My Innova's ABS,failed again!!

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Friends,its again that I encountered an ABS failure.The first one was due to the worn out tyres that the UV started taking a too long distance to come to a halt but this time the thing is different,I really mean different.Have a look at the problem:

I was returning from Jaipur to Meerut in my Innova,it was an empty stretch of highway and the car was doing nearly 100kph,suddenly I saw something white in my lights(It was a night drive)and then I recognised that it was a white Swift being followed by a white Wagon-R they both were crossing the highway from a gap on the divider,everything was okay but only problem was that they were dangerously close to my car.So,I applied my brakes as hard as possible,everything was going on all right until my tyres were straight but as I twisted my steering(it was not a big twist,but very low)as I tried to get my car from behind the Wagon-R,but what happened was that the nonsense Wagon guy stopped his car right in front of my Innova,so I twisted my steering to a somewhat more extent and then I found the hell...MY INNOVA WAS SKIDDING THE HELL ON HER NOSE,both of my tyres had lost the grip and the Wagon-R got a seriously big bang damaging nearly its entire body behind the B-pillar.
Everything was managed and we left the spot after gifting the Wagon-R guy with some body massage,then what I noticed was that THE ABS OF MY CAR WAS WORKING WHEN I WAS GOING STRAIGHT BUT IF I TRIED TO TURN,THE TYRES SIMPLY LOST THE GRIP EVERYTIME I TRIED IT..

Got the car to the service centre,they asked me to get the brake shoes changed,and I am still confused that will it work as it never happened before.




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BornFree2011-03-17 07:48:49

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       Very sad to hear about this incident, but for me ABS is an complicated thing but all I remember is that when a car drift with wheels, the drifter either fully stops that tiers or they give some more race and spin it more.


So I might sound stupid but it is difficult at 100 km/h to brake with out skidding the tiers at some angle so that ABS might not be able to control this and have not worked properly.

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i wouldn't blame the ABS, Innova lack ESP right ? Plus even with ESP innova would skid because when you dart left or right at speeds above 40 kmph the Kerb weigh of the suddenly shifts to the two either right front tyres and rear tyres or left front or rear tyres making the brake work 3-4 times hard. Hence you have experienced the skid which is normal for an MUV.

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