sharad dwivedi

Maruti 800 early morning Starting Problem

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Saying in layman language does your car wire which takes the signal to start the engine are properly installed because they tend to get loose over time.

If they are not loose then this could be the same problem which my uncle Zen is suffering a few months ago in which car dosen't start when it get heated up, in this case it could be vice versa common problem in cars.

I will check with my uncle once again and briefly explain you that what might be the cause of the problem.

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It is an old car. I will suggest the following:

1. discharge test: disconnect the ignition, watch the battery voltage, crank for 30 seconds. The voltage should drop to under 8 V (may be as low as 6-7) and then recover to 11+ within 30 seconds. If not then the battery is at fault. If the battery is new and you are sure then do the next stage.

2. If the starter has not been overhauled the go to an expect mechanic, and get it done. Almost, certainly, one or both of the bush bearings are worn out.

I guess it is starting fine when warm.

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