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Custom Diecast India would like to officially announce a very Limited production Run of 5 Mercedes SLS ///AMG



Custom Diecast India Officially announces a Production Run of 5 Custom Mercedes SLS ///AMG

Given Below are some Tentative Details about the car:

The car will be available in May.


Base Car:

The Base car to be used will be a Maisto Mercedes SLS ///AMG 1:18.

Color Options:

1. Matte Black

---Accents Available : Red/Orange/Green/Gold

2. Matte Silver

---Accents Available: Red/Orange/Green/Gold

3. Matte Gold

---Accents Available: Silver/Red

Custom Accents can be done if something special is requested.


Wheels Offered will be original SLS Wheels in a matching or contrasting color. However since Maisto has decided to Glue all wheels to axles in recent production runs, This might be an area I will work upon soon.


Detailed Interior with new Sparco Seats painted in same color to match the accent pieces on the car.

Exterior Options:

-A GT3 wing can be added on request at as an optional extra.

-Smoked Tail Lamps to enhance realism of the car

-AMG Badges on interior and fenders (not 100% certain)

Other Extras:

- Carbon Fiber Finish base with Serial Numbers and a "Made For" Plate to show authenticity.

I will be talking to some people to see If I can get a custom made cardboard box for these cars.

I Intend to do a first Run of 5 cars and then maybe next year do more.

Any other options would be welcome.

-COST: Not Calculated yet.

*picture for representation ONLY!

CYRUS432011-03-28 10:03:19

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which colour did you order ?? smiley2.gif


These are made by me....

This car was made for a prominent photographer in Bombay. This is the first professional picture he sent me. Many more to follow..


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There is no company name as such. I do these customizations independently and on order. The prices depends on the kind of options you ask for in each car. A basic repaint will cost less than something like a seat transplant and a two tone paint.

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