Tyre upgrade: 175 70 R13 for Wagon R VXI - Please

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I'm going to replace my existing i10 for new wagon r as i10 is too
bumpy. I feel Wagon R is better but I'm going for VXI which has 14 inch
wheels but narrow tyres

I would like to upgrade tyres for better ride quality over potholes
(Handling is not a priority for me). So I'm thinking to change wheels
and tyres to 175 70 R13 (Preferably Michelin XM+). This is actually
downgrading from 14 inch wheels to 13 inch but I'm more concerned about
ride quality

Could anyone please let me know if this upgrade would help in better ride quality?

If not could anyone please provide suggestion for tyre/wheel upgrade for better ride quality?



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165/70 R13 are the best option upgrade for New Wagon-R without altering its Suspension & ride height, whereas you need to Install Rubber Inserts above its Suspension to raise its height to accomodate bigger 175/70 tyres which isn't advisable considering the Tall height of the car.


So best option is to go for 165/70 R13 Yokohamas or Michelins or Bridgestones(for any type of road usage).

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