SUGGESTIONS for a sedan and hatch

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hello friends

my family is looking forward to buy a hatch and sedan both , and after considerable research and test drives i have shortlisted the ones below

hatch- ritz, punto , wagon r  , figo

sedan - sx4, city, etios


SAFETY- as in build quality, ability to withstand crashes
PURE ACCELERATION/driving pleasure

some queries

ETIOS-smiley32.gif11) although in a different segment, the etios appealed the most to me, as i drive mostly in the city, and i found its clutch to be the lighterst and most fun to be with,
2)  space was king in this car, found it as roomy as the city or in fact more

smiley7.gif1) plastics are as pathetic as my almost 20 yr old maruti , with poor window gaps and plastic quality , doesnt look like a 7 lac sedan , dzire and manza certainly beter here
2) build quality- although many claim toyota to have the best build qualty , i founf etios to be very tin like, maybe the thought of 930 kgs running on my mind, bhu didnt have that prtoected feel inside

do u think the GSP version with airbags, but no audio system or tachometer is more value than the V mdoel which has the above 2 , apart from fog lamps, defogger, chrome ac vents and inserts, alloy wheels,  and is almost 70 K more costly than the g sp model , i live in delhi and have fog on atleast 10-20 days a year,

smiley32.gif welll well everything about it, what can i say , the king of the c segment, even after its sales have plummeted , i still think this is the best car in its segment on all the above parameter i  have listed , except for build quality and ground clearance,
 at 9,40 lac for the s version it surely strains my hard earned bucks, plus has no alloys , fog lamps

BUILD  boy, i love the shape, contrary to many who dont, and i think in a crash this wud the best of all the sedans, barring a german like vento, what say? GC is again tops, with value for money at 8.20 for zxi ,
smiley7.gif not much i could think of , a little less refinedness with noise engine over 80 kmh , and somewhat less glamourous plastics, difficult to park and rear visibility

FUEL EFFICIENCY .RESALE are not issues , i drive very less

PART COSTS and maintenance are, as i have tendency to bump and scratch

i have no clue about the hatches, i found them all comparable

P.S- i am not looking for swift , for its low interior space
Volkswagen polo , a great car, but 3 cylinder ed like my old m800, does that make a big difference?"
figo appears the best bet, but ihave heard of bad stories of ford maintenance, and v high part costs
punto , gave me the max driving pleasure as did the ritz, but evone tells me about fiat ass and ritz bad design , of which i dont mind the design . the car is a great one

SHOULD I WAIT FOR? - the new FIESTA SEDAN AND HATCH? will both of them be the power BHP  kings of their segments and offer the best driving experience?

or should i go for etios and ritz as i have planned??????

i am really worried how etios will shape up given its new car status, will it safe in a crash given its low weight, also i don't see a metal plate on the undersurface of the etios does that change anything? i am mostly a city driver and i think for city driving etios might be better than honda for its lovely clutch?

as far as hatches. i loved the i20 , but have been warned about high maintenance 

waiting for ur suggestions

the etios looks better than dzire manza , so manza i have ruled out completely apart from vento petrol for its 47 dealer  and untested ass, and fiat plainly for its ass and suspect long term ownership niggles.



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BornFree2011-04-08 14:33:49

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As you drive very less, don't give too much emphasis on maintenance, as current generation cars need minimal maintenance even after 50-75k (defers from car to car). So for good Hatch like I-20 must be considered over Ritz. It is class apart from Ritz.

For Sedan no one can beat City, if you can afford. Fog lamp can be added so are the Alloys. SX4 is cheaper not only by price, but by quality too. You never feel luxury feeling in SX4, when you compare it with City/Vento. Best of luck.

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Amongst hatchbacks Ritz is best amongst the Petrol cars & Polo amongst the diesels(despite of 3-cylinder its more Silent & smoother than its 4-cyl rivals).

If still not convinced then wait for Petrol hatchbacks- Etios Liva & Honda Brio.

Amongst sedans SX4 is best amongst your current choices.

Or else wait for New Fiesta & New Verna.

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city is at the red line end of my budget lol, am thking of  the smt version, can i get fog lamps fitted later on? how much would they cost??? allow wheel and chrome plated handles are simplyyy show off smiley8.gif, can do without that too ,

also what wud cost of fog lamps or alloy wheels for a car like etios , and for a car like city??

sx4 i have ruled out , as not all who who drive in my family like its rear visibility, and some of them also a pillar too obstructive, although i am fine with both, plus i dont like the rear body roll , got tossed around when i was sitting behind and the car rep was driving at low speeds, dont know what wud happen at high speeds

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city is at the red line end.... can i get fog lamps fitted later on? how much would they cost???

Genuine Fog lamps for Honda City costs around 15k or might be l'll bit more.

also what wud cost of fog lamps or alloy wheels for a car like etios ' date=' and for a car like city??


Genuine accessories for Etios might cost less but I'm unsure about its availability at this time.

P.S: I understand your feelings about Etios but its Sedan doesn't deserves that much affection & enthusiasm due to its Average quality & below class package(which is better suited for a hatchback).

Instead to satisfy this feeling I'd advice you to wait & go for Etios Liva hatchback.

20kmpl+ is its expected fuel efficiency.

For Sedan Waiting for New Ford Fiesta & New Verna makes much better sense & also expected is the Price cut & re-badging for Honda City.

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do u think Honda would go for a price cut? when evone is hiking prices i doubt that would happen

as far as the new fiesta and Verna, i belive the fiesta is more of a driving pleasure car isnt it? the petrol verna isnt said to be a joy

my friend who has a ford, swears by the fiesta, saying its much better tan city in driving pleasure, although i find the city to be a complete package

even the new fiesta is cramped on space, the rest being upgraded, , will wait till may , verna is expected around june perhaps, don't think it could be a force to knock out city or fiesta

as far swift is concerned, i never liked it, despite everything about its engine. found the rears too cramped, otherwise its a cracker of a car

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In the hatchbacks listed by you , I would definitely say you go for the Ford Figo. I 've also heard of those"scare" stories about this car, but all I can say i sthat I've had had no bad experience from some of the people i Know. My friends and one of my cousin drives a Ford Figo without any hitches.

The pros for this car is the good mileage for the diesel, pretty frugal one with almost no turbo lag , has good space and the boot space is amazing for a hatch. The A/C is a chiller and the feature list is also impressive. On the safety front it does the dual airbags and ABS.

And above all, it has a killer price tag.This a is a very good car for your money and I am sure that you will be happy with this car.About the maintenance and parts costs , I think Ford is really trying their best to source parts from India so as to reduce the service and maintenance costs.

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In the sedans, you've listed , I would go in for the Honda City with no doubts. It has been the segment leader til last month. It has a very powerful petrol motor that can hurtle you towards the 100 kmph mark in just 10 seconds. It has the legendary Honda reliability and maintenance. It also has a good mileage figure.

This is your best bet(as of now) if the sedan has to be a petrol one.

I would also suggest that you consider the VW Vento diesel- The current segment leader - it has a superb torque and power figure and it has proven that it has the capability to dethrone the segment leader - Honda city.

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currently, its mid april, yes i am waiting for the fiesta, but what about the vento!!!!1

do u think gambling on Volkswagen would be wise given its very thin dealer network only 47 dealers all across?

maintenance would be costly, but as i am not driving much , it wont make a big difference, my only concern is that vento should last out 10-15 years, as i wont be buying after this,

any idea how  the petrol vento is? does it measure up to the city in terms of sheer acceleration?

will be tding it from another dealer, later this week,

as of now, its back to sx4 vs city vs etios vs vento hovering in my mind,

etios has all the practicality of the bigger cars , especially for intra city drives, it has the smoothest clutch of all fours, very sprint friendly engine, although it lacks the interiors and premium which the others offers

do u think low kerb weight of etios 930 kgs is a safety issue? some people used to call qualis as tin box when it came out, but it turned out to be the one of the saferst cars on road, apart from being a joy to drive,

can anyone tell me about this myth of low kerb weight = low safety

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Mithrandir I'd like to know if you've done warranty comparisons amongst your target choice group.  The warranty may say 3 years or 30,000km for example but within that are a host of "notes".  Such as the battery may only be covered for one year and that is possibly prorated.  Usually radios, gps and such are only covered for 3 months for replacement and after that (up to a year)  they remove them and send them out for repair.  Imagine driving around with a gaping hole in the dash for a month or so.  How about the power train?  Is it bumper to bumper for 36 months?  Is is parts only or labor only or both or neither?

Check it out.  Probably should make this a completely new topic.smiley16.gif

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For a spacious hatchback look at the Fabia 1.6lt or i20 ASTA or the FIGO Titanium varient.


Wait till you buy your sedan . I would recommand to pre book Fiesta sedan if you want a drivers car ,you can look the Verna diesel as well but if won't have great handling.

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None of the cars you have listed are built strong enough to withstand a crash.


The strongest hatch we have is the Grande punto, next is the Polo.

But the Punto comes backed by Tata terribly acclaimed Service. VW as you know is expensive both in spares and in service.


Best hatch by far is the Ritz. You can shut your eyes and buy it. I have purchased an LDi. its driven 7800km so far. I drive everywhere highways, ghats, forests. It handles everything perfectly well. The ground clearance is great.


The Figo is good car, but off late I have heard a lot of horror stories regarding it. The handling of the figo is sublime. None of the hatches can match it, but the ground clearance is bad. Try driving a Figo with 4 passengers leave alone 5 over a speed  breaker.


The best hatch in your budget is the Ford Fiesta. The old fiesta was a fantastic driver's car. The new one is bound to be better.

Leave out the verna. I never liked the handling in old one. The new one looks kind of odd.

The City what I feel is very "over hyped " car at its price. Sorry I beg to differ to what others claim. The drive and the handling did not impress me. The Low ground clearance only made things worst.


After the Fiesta the next best is the SX4. The car is a real treat to drive. Try it out.


And please don't make the mistake of considering the Etios. The quality of the plastics is pathetic.



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