New Honda City S i vtec to ?

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Hi Guys i want to upgrade from new honda city to other car.

still not able to decide can u help me choose among Skoda Laura, Honda Accord or Skoda Superb. Performance and fuel efficiency are key concren.






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BornFree2011-04-13 12:06:15

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The new Passat looks promising but there are still more VFM cars in the segment like the Superb 1.8tsi which is the most efficient petrol engine . I would recommand the Passat only if you want a good diesel engine ,if you like the Superb very much then go for the Tsi engine option as the price difference btw Petrol and Diesel version is quiet large .

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Given your requirements of performance as well as efficiency I think :

It should be a powerful diesel sedan.

The options are:

1.) BMW-320d CE. It fits the bill, performs good and handling is best of the lot.

2.) BMW X1 : Again good diesel performance as well as FE.

3.) VW Passat : Has reasonable performance for an auto-box. Still, there's a sports mode, which could move you enthusiastically if you like. It also boasts of some latest gizmos like park-assist, air-conditioned seats and the like.

But, if performance is really that matters to you most, nothing comes close to the 3-series. ( except Accord as it is a petrol unit, and fuel bills would be stupendous)

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