honda 2+2 years maintenance ?

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good day folks. I am confused on the honda's 2+2 year warranty schedule.

the first 2 years is the mandatory warranty. however is the latter 2 an extended warranty or does it cover only few items ?

i am asking this because i've completed 2 years of my city. since my running is really low (5k kms/year) , the showroom guys keep calling me evry 3 months for a service schedule which i know is not required because of my low running.

however the showroom guys only want to make quick money.

if i get the car serviced at 6months interval , will my 3/4th year warranty be voided ?

please advise.

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I am confused on the honda's 2+2 year warranty schedule.... will my 3/4th year warranty be void ?


Technically YES, it will be void. 


Most of the manufacturer's extended warranty stipulates that the owner shall

(a) keep the vehicle under comprehensive warranty during the period

(B) get the vehicle serviced, as per the stipulated schedule

© get the vehicle serviced only at their authorised servicing centres

(d) not make any changes to the vehicle  

(e) take the extended warranty before the original warranty expires

(f) take the extended warranty before any accident to the vehicle etc., etc.,


Kindly go thru your extended warranty booklet, which clearly stipulate these

conditions, amongst others, to ascertain the actual position with regard to Honda City.


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Check whether the warranty covers only the drive train or is a full one. If the former, and driving only 5,000odd km a year, I personally will just skip. This is the reason that I never took extended warranty's on my earlier cars. It is a matter of your judging the risk against the extra cost. I have said at many places that there is a strong element of earning extra cash in the extended warranty schemes. Quite frankly I am not at all convinced by the 5000km/3 months regime. I know what I will do once my Civic is out of warranty.

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My opinion: After the mandatory first 3 free services, I think you can take it easy with the low running that you have. I had a 2+2 on my Elantra, too, just like you my running isn't that much and being a petrol car, it's humming along just fine; though, it's due for its annual service visit to HMP. Honda is calling you coz their service personnel need to make money from the consumables etc.

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On the other hand, it's a minor financial outlay.  The real issues are oil and gas.  Since you drive so little, the crankcase never gets a chance to "cook out" the contaminants.  That causes some sludge and varnish build up.   The gas tank always loads out with moisture (especially if you only fill it half way) which will paint the injector pintles with varnish giving you a rough idle. 

The mechanics can check out your ride

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