50 Ugliest car in the past 50 years

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The list of vehicles that shouldn't be on the list:

Chevrolet El Camino (Famous for its style in ints age,a prized collector's car)

BMW 7-Series

Toyota Prius(Aerodynamic design,lookss futuristic)

Chevrolet Avalanche(one of my personal favorites)

Mercury Sable(A twin of the 1985 Ford Taurus-a car which taught aerodynamics to the world)

Cadillac Escalade(A status symbol in America,the car I grew up in as a kid)

Chrysler PT Cruiser and Prowler- Retro designs (they are love/hate)

Magazines and agencies like Forbes,Bloomberg,Consumer Reports all hate the Cadillac for stupid reasons. Forbes and Bloomberg think its not efficient,is very huge ) .If u want a status symbol u spend a ton of money.

So ,who cares if a cadillac Escalade is gas guzzling. A person buying a $ 1,00,000 status symbol wouldn't mind paying more to fuel it. Its an extravagant vehicle for sure, but its gas guzzling because its a SUV not a sedan, V8 power, off road and overall its a full size SUV unlike the Audi Q7,BMW X5,Mercedes RL which are midsized my American standards. The only full size luxury SUV competitors Cadillac Escalade has are the Lincoln Navigator and the Lexus LX570.

My future inclusions:

Suzuki Wagon R

Nissan Juke

Acura ZDX

Honda Accord Crosstour

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