How clean stubbons spots from wind screen


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Are you sure they are spots and not due to delamination/ microscratches.The windscreen is glass with rubber surrounds. Any normal technique for glass can be used. Depending on what it is a damp newspaper, water, alcohol, thinner, etc are all valid options.

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@sgiitk AS most workshops use diesel for washing, do u think that 10-15 min of exposure of rubber parts to diesel may spoil them?

Diesel is also applied on tyre walls at times.

Will this not hamper the life of tyre and other rubber parts such as the rubber near door frame etc

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There are good quality windscreen/glass cleaning fluids available in the market in aerosol cans and also as solutions.Diesel or a mild soap are much better. Use of petrol (best for carburettor cleaning) should be avoided as it can harm plastics, rubber and paint.The inner side of the windscreen should get cleaned with a dry wipe by a soft chamois leather cloth as its usually more clean with a few stains here and there. Whereas, the exterior may have some battle hardened impurities, that may need greater efforts.

For tyres, I am using an aerosol spray from 3M which works wonders.

Also for black plastics (including the dash, steering etc) I am using the 3M plastic protective solution, that is available in aerosol cans and as a solution.

To clear bird droppings, I have found that if its softened with water and thereafter wiped gently with plant leaf / leaves and again washed, the whole thing can be got rid of.

anjan_c20072011-05-04 17:33:53

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After a lot of experiments I have found a way to remove water stains from wind screen..

what you need to do is take a brick of soap(The one which we use every day for bath) make sure the wind screen and the soap brick is clean and dry.

Then rub the soap brick on the glass so that the soap sticks to the glass..

After this use a moist news paper to spread this dry soap on the glass, a lot of pressure needs to be applied while spreading it on the glass as the dry soap will be stuck to the glass.

Once you have spread the soap evenly on the glass with help of moist newspaper you may now put water on the glass and rinse it..

thats it you are done.. enjoy stain free glass and trouble free driving at night..

Hope it works for you.

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2 days before, I suffered with what you are refering to.


Even thought I had "MGA Windshield Glass cleaner", once the windshield is covered with the dusty water raised by other vehicles, the visibility becomes so poor. The Wipers just spread those dusty waters and could hardly see the front. I need to constantly spray water in windshield and use wiper. By doing so, I even ended up emptying the "Wiper water in car".


Really had tough time driving my swift for around 500 kms in rain. The 6hrs drive literally took 10hrs for me. Will try your suggestion on my next drive.
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