Buying advice - Hyundai Getz 1.3 GLS (pre

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I am planning to buy a pre-owned/used car, which will be my first car. I don't plan to drive around much, at least to start with - maybe just 150-200 kms a month.

Vehicle details:

 - Hyundai Getz Prime 1.3 GLS (petrol)

 - year: 2008, Mar

 - single owner

 - done around 26k km

 - has audio system worth around 15k installed

 note: car is no longer in production

Sellers expectation: Rs. 2,35,000. I plan to use it for around 2/3 years and then buy a new one.

What is a realistic mileage I can expect in city (Mumbai) driving. Advice/comments on running costs, maintenance, etc. welcome

Is the car is worth the price? How much can I expect if I sell after 2 years?

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sgiitk2011-05-03 10:03:35

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hi, Unicorn, Getz is a gem of a car. If maintained properly and accident free, you are getting a deal. The was last retailed around 5.00. So the price quoted is very good. The mileage in the city will be around 10-11 and 14-15 on highway with AC. The cabin space, boot space and insulation of the car is fantastic and even current/new cars in the market can not match. Resale value after 2-3 years will be around 1.75 Lakhs. Best of luck.

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Avoid Hyundai & that's too an discontinued one.

Spare parts availability & Reliabilty is a matter of concern for Getz,

One of my uncle sold it off for a Verna CRDi 6 months back, with prime reasons being High maintenance & Poor fuel efficiency of around 10kmpl in city conditions.

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