Autovista - MASS screws up my car

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I had recently given my Esteem to AUTOVISTA for denting and painting. AUTOVISTA is a Maruti authorised Dealer & Workshop having its showroom at Bandra West & Workshop at CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz West.
Today when i went to pick up my car i realised that the repainting of the right side rear door & rear ****y panel is pathetic. The pearl silver paint is glossy but when viewed side ways, it has a lot of waves. Seems as if it was painted by a local garage.
Secondly, i realised that the entire car's surface had become very rough. When i complained to the service advisor, he started giving me vague answers. I then demanded to meet his senior who agreed that the roughness wan nothing else but the paint of some other car that must have been painted in close vicinity.
The supervisor has now told me that he will get the entire car polished and deliver the car tomorrow. Today i have a doubt whether my car was really repainted at the Dust free paint booth of Autovista or did they give my car for painting at some local garage at a cheaper cost.
Can anyone tell me if i have any means of redressal at this stage? The total bill for repainting is approx.9500/-.



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BornFree2011-05-05 18:24:53

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