i20 CRDi - weak acceleration

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Since I have also been driving two turbo diesels,one is my Innova and another my Corolla so what I feel is that to get the decent FE out of any turbo-diesel what you need to do is to keep the turbo alive as long as possible.

I can get even 15kpl on Innova,but what I do is just keep it in the vicinity of 2000 rpm and it has two advantages,you get about 100 kph and an effortless engine so the drive is comfy too as well as FE is simply great.

Same is with Corolla,but t keep its turbo alive,I have to drive it at 120 kph in 6th gear,so I get the joy of both worlds at the same time the joy of cruising speed as well as a decent FE.

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