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Swift Brakes

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I've been driving my Swift for more than 2 years now and have never faced any problems with it.

My only problem with the car has been with its brakes. I loved the brakes when I had bought the car and they worked well until off late. It was only when I drove through a water logged road that the "bite" of the brakes has disappeared.

I've tried checking with the MASS but they cant identify any problems whatsoever with the brakes.

For me, the response has definitely deteriorated. And this is quite evident in urgent braking on top speeds if at all I have to.

Can anyone help identify the problem with the brakes here?

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Done that as well... and the brake pads and the calipers are all good according to the MASS.

Is there possibly any other problem with the brakes? Because its only after coming out of the water logged road that the brakes have not been working to their original efficiency

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1) Checkout the Rotors Dia and surface level which should be even and perfect.

2) Here we should come for the brake pads but already you have mentioned that you replaced it, so skip this level.

3)Try to figureout whether the real wheel brake cylinders are properly fuctioning as they play 30% of the brake role.

4)bleed the brakeoil properly and install the pads, checkout the brake oil level after twon or one day usage which should be even. if decreased more than the normal, then you should replace the tubes.

Hope there is only minor problem occured, Authorised service station can easily findout than us.

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