Govt May Slash Import Duties on 800cc+Bikes

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smiley1.gifYeah friends, thats the news today. The Commerce Minister has met the PM and has sought reduced duties on 800cc plus bikes that will be imported to India. But in return the Finance Ministry is to ask the US Govt to allow imports of marine products from India. This is because the US Govt had restricted imports of Indian marine products imposing dumping duties on them. Read into this thinking of the Govt. there's no barter dealing with the European Govts or the Japanese Govt whose manufacturers will also sell 800cc plus bikes to India . The duties on all bikes 800 cc plus will be reduced but the US Govt is being requested to allow moreĀ  marine product imports from India. The US Govt is targeted and that means Harleys and Harleys only.Marine products likes crabs, shrimps, lobsters,pomfrets and mackarelsĀ  are poles apart from the muscular Harley bikes that will come into our country with lesser duties. But thats the Govt! Thats how the Govt works------

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