Varun Varma

Hyundai Verna Fludic Vs Honda City iVtec

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Going through a lot of Reviews for the All new hyundai verna fluidic and need Assistance in Choosing out of the Two biggies of the lot ...
I need Suggestions as to which is better go between the Honda city iVtec and the Hyundia Verna Fluidic. Budget 10 L

Kindly advise





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BornFree2011-06-02 17:25:56

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Kindly provide more details, however as a general opinion I would suggest Honda City.

Having read the review on ACI petrol Verna even though superior on paper is not able to translate it into on road performance. Also its FE is not as good as the City.

You may miss some features in City, but nothing too big. Also Bluetooth and reverse camera can be added by going for the E variant and adding stereo on your own, infact saving money.

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on the road in real times i think  fuel efficiency will b e similar

although u can fit rear parking sensors,rear camera, bluetooth,alloys, aftermarket, these features of the verna score over the city,as some  of them cant be fitted afterwards

bigger 16 inch tyres....the city has small tires which squeal if u like to corner fast and hard.

fog lamps , which although too can be fitted after market, are offered only in the v mt model of city, which is obscenely costly

interiors, the Verna sx and sx o 's interiors are massively superior over city;s interiors

full automatic climate control with ionizer, the ac cleans itself with ions

electrochromic rear view mirror, blocks off the high beams from rear vehicles, i don't know whether this is too an after market fitment

auto door unlock in case of accidents, this can be a life saving feature , which is missing in city, don't think this can be retro fitted

rear disc brakes, standard in all Verna, absent in city, and Verna scores massively on braking front .

cooled glove box- if u like to keep water/drinks along the way

where the city scores over Verna

rear seat of city is the most spacious in its segment, Verna,although spacious too, has low seating so u sit on a lower level and hence need to exert more while getting up from it, with little under thigh support in verna

handling of the city, although nothing close to vento or fiesta, is still better than Verna, which is improved too, but still some people call it boat like

high speed manners of the city are better, over 130 kmh city remains well panted while verna gets little nervous owing to super soft suspension which otherwise is a pleasure while traveling in city roads

in the end

u need to know whether ur buying this car for pure city driving

then Verna is much  better

if u plan to go on highways,

then city

if ur monthly running is more than 1000 km/h , close ur eyes and rule out city for petrol costs, and decide between Verna diesel or vento diesel

i find it really amusing people recommending city e mt and asking people to fit the required features after market

ok lets do that and see how it comes out

the emt comes around at around 9 lakhs on the road.

add to this a reverse camera of decent company,another 5-10 k, Bluetooth stereo another 5-25k depending on ur need and requirement. reverse parking sensors come around in a simlar band of 3-10 k , depending on quality

e mt doesn't has fog lamps, has spartan seat upholstery, both of which push up the retro fit cost much more.

even if u dont have the fog lamps,improved seat covers, or alloys in ur plan of after market fittings,

this retrofitting will atleast cost u anywhere between 10-40 k , depending on how much u put in, and this will push ur total investment to around 9.3-9.5 lakhs

for this much  at 9.2-9.3 lakhs, u get the verna sx vvt petrol, which not only packs in alloys,fog lamp,s cooled glove box,electrochromic mirror, auto door unlock lock, integrated music system, Bluetooth steering controls with remote,auto door lock ,chrome handles,  etc.

so it doesn't make sense at to spend around nine lakhs for a base version city, then go looking for after market fitments, whose overall reliability and long term endurance any day cannot match company fitted features, even if in honda or any other brand

you can even go for the 1.6 vvt petrol verna at 8.5 lakhs, it will still give u 16 inch tyres, fog lamps, one air bag, auto door unlock , bluetooh stereo withremote.,automatic climate control, rear parking sensors,abs.ebd

and remember Hyundai always has the better ass and cheaper spares of the two , so it makes sense for u to opt for the verna in petrol and decide between verna and vento in diesels.

Due to the content of the post it is not being deleted. You are warned - no sms lingo, proper capitalisation, read the rules. MODS

sgiitk2011-06-03 09:14:16

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@mithrandir Thanks for your Reply here. Its Really Informative and Helpful & makes it easier for me to boil down, however i would also like to add that i will be using the Car for the City drive as well as the Highways.I have not got a chance to test drive the Verna.

Please put some light on

1).The Engine power/Gear box/Pickup at lower gears. (1.6 VTVT Petrol Verna Fluidic and City ivtec ), in other words the Heart of both these cars when they are on road compared together.

2). Which of these cars is an enthusiast's Choice ?

Thanks all.

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Hi Varun, I am in the same fix as yours, Verna or City.

But now I am inching towards verna..coz at 10L you get the fully loaded Verna on the other hand EMT is costing 9.9L on road.

@mithrandir: very helpful post indeed.

======== No sms lingo! Flagged in red. MODS

sgiitk2011-06-03 09:16:27

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Its a week ago that I test drove a petrol Verna(as my friend booked one A/t-diesel).Although the drive was quite small but I got the chance to enjoy all the thrills and frills of the car.With a lot of driving experience of Honda City too(more than 20k kms)I'd still advise you to go with the Honda city.It may look a bit older and comparatively planer too but in all other fields its still far better than Verna(I don't count features in the fields,as features are more mirage less exciting).Honda City is more on space,better to drive and the performance it has past 5000rpm is still no match,Verna is really not there at all.Steering response is still a golmaal in Verna(I don't know why Verna's steering feels so much artificial,and new Verna's feels like a video game one).Rear seat comfort is also good in Honda City.

As mentioned by Rahul1810:

ACI mag too says that FE of Verna is on lower side(I haven't checked it,nor I'll do it anyday) and they still recommend Honda City.So there must be something which is above those loads of electronics and boasts of technology..That is real world driving experience,in which Verna is defeated again.

The price difference will be eclipsed itself after you do a test drive.Simple:You can open your ORVMs manually,adjust your A/C manually,reverse without any reversing camera using ORVMs..but can't increase your driving pleasure by any electronics.

Last but not least:-If your area has bad/broken roads or your frequent trips happen to be over them,then better keep away from City,for highway runs get the City.Because City simply loves rubbing her belly on the bad roads hurting the heart of the owner(That low ground clearance matter).TSiVipul2011-06-03 09:38:45

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I think if you can stretch your budget a little more than you would get Fiat Linea T-Jet. I had been for TD of both Linea T-Jet and Fluidic Verna and found the power was amazing in T-Jet. It gives much better under thigh support and also has leather seats and other major features. Though it does not give the rear seats comfort as City it is much better compared to Verna.

Do TD T-Jet once and am sure you will be blown away!!

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@varun varma & abhineet;

TSiVipul summarised the whole thing in a very good manner.

For Petrol car driven on good roads Honda City is the good choice but I you want the car with legendary build & unbeatable performance with exclusivity then look no further, simply go for Fiat Linea T-Jet.

Don't worry about its After sales support as this is already better now & also in your cities Fiat is very soon coming with dedicated Fiat exclusive boutiques & After sales support centres.

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@ dr_nishu & TSiVipul Thanks for the input here .In Pune roads arent that good , although City is atleast 3 out of 10 cars on the road that you see, and the ground clearance makes a concern for me. i like Fiat Linea TJET but ruled it out for kind of its design, however its fun to drive. Could you please rate the two Cars (Honda Ciy ivtec VMT and Hyundai Fludic Verna 1.6 SX (o)) interms of Engine Performance/Pickups at lower gears...

Thanks all for the Responses here. smiley4.gif

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The Honda engine are generally weaker in the low end rev range but are massively fun at top end . Verna has a bit of peppiness in lower range than city but the top end ain't anything compared to the city .


I personally think that the Verna SX (o) is the best bet of the two . If you wait for a month you can see the new fiesta too  (and surely Honda might add more features or give discount for the city then).

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@Rssh and @Varun Varma:

I total agree with what Rssh has mentioned,and Varun you have hit the City at the point where it really loses to Verna,but again you can use a lower gear in the City in case you are working with low gears.Since ground clearance is a matter of concern for you then its better to keep away from city(else every time your car scrapes its belly you will abuse me in mind),although this has a remedy,simply get the bigger rims and tyres.

Again in front of Verna I'll advise you to go for Fiat linea T-Jet,having driven the sedan many times,I can bet on the loads of pleasure it offers and the price is also on the lower side as compared to city.The turbocharged engine has real killing intentions and seems to be perfect for city driving and the handling is appealing enough to wake up the enthusiast inside you any day any time.You may not like its design but still I'd advise you to have a test drive of the car and I am sure you'll forget all your complains.The car can eclipse even the Honda city(in the low gears it works best)in many areas like mid-range performance(top end of City is unbeatable),suspension,body control,handling,ground clearance,built like a tank and is loaded with a lot of features which Verna boasts of.

My ratings are as follows(note:these are my personal thoughts):-

                                 City          Verna        Linea(T-Jet)

Comfort:                      9               7                  8

Driving pleasure:          8               6                  9

Power/torque(paper):   8/7             9/9               8/10

Real world figures:       9/8              7/7              10/10

Built:                            7               8                  10

Performance:               7/9              8                   9

                            (weak low end)     

Braking:                      8                 7                   9

Features:                      7               10                  9

VFM:                             8               10                  9

Safety:                         8                 9                   10

In safety Verna scores 9 due to not-so-rich braking,then you really need six airbags when your car is unable to stop within the gap.Linea got 10 for its biting brakes+tank like built+2 airbags.City's 8 need no justification.

For VFM Verna gets 10 for what's on offer for the price.

In performance Honda City gets 7/9 because,7 for weak low end and 9 for fantastic high end.i think HC still doesn't deserve a perfect 10 for it.

Please get me corrected for any fault made.TSiVipul2011-06-04 09:44:53

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Of these two I would suggest a city with closed eyes. If you want proof, buy either a autocar or overdrive, both have compared these two this month and the winner is same. But if you want enthu's car, it's best to wait for new fiesta.

As said by tsi, tjet is another king in this arena.

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any idea when the new fiesta is coming to showrooms


Its launch is expected by end of this month or by 1st half of July2011.


If you're not completly satisfied with Honda City then New fluidic Verna is also a good option, but don't Ford, Honda-like Pleasure & Honda-like fuel efficiency, reliability from a Hyundai engine. However you will get the intermediate feel in New Verna petrol.
dr_nishu2011-06-07 18:25:03

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Ford petrols are like the enthusiast's dreams,they respond like a brute at any speed you may be.If you drive yourself and love to drive enthusiastically then Ford Fiesta is going to be the one for you.It has all the frills to delight the driver,but at the same time it does not have a balance of everything(how about others sitting in the car?)this is where Honda still excels.From the Ford petrol,you can expect a good friendship with the petrol pump as well as the service station(as compared to Honda/Hyundai).

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Thanks for the inputs Dr Nishu and TSiVipul.

What is your take on MITHRANDIR'S


So the take away from this post so far is that City scores over Verna in pure driving pleasure and Verna excels in features.

Will the driving experience in city between Verna and CITY will be significantly different?

Sometimes I feel its like choosing between Samsung Galaxy II (verna) and Iphone (city).

====== sign off and signature removed.


sgiitk2011-06-08 06:34:14

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Dr_nishu Very Closely following your Response on this thread i am mostly choosing the new verna Petrol 1.6 (O). I hope it rules this segment if not ahead of The Honda city ..Plz correct me if i am wrong. smiley32.gif

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Have you bought this months autocar magazine and saw the detailed comparo. If not you need to buy one.

if you want a proven, reliable, fuel efficient, better handling and a comfortable car, city is the answer.

I wouldn't touch the verna mainly because of it's recent facts on other cars like

-Steering might rattle

-AC might not be good

-Handling must be poor

-FE must be poor

-Engine must be poor compared to city

-sloppy roof line, so uncomfortable rear seats

PS, IF I am in your position, I would go for a pre owned mint condition CIVIC, this car will be far better than your choice in every deptcreativebala2011-06-08 15:03:26

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hello varun, this is mithrandir, i cannot access my account so i made this id,

yes you are bang on when u compare verna vs city to a galaxy vs iphone face off

i am myself in the process of finalizing a petrol sedan , so i have been tding all shortlisted cars

reading magazines and scoops on the net do give u an idea of how the car is, but everyone has a driving style,personal requirement which varies from person to person

i have driven the Verna sx vvt, and let me tell u , if you are looking for 99 percent city driving then there is not much that separates the verna and city

where city scores

- better road stability at speeds over 100 km.h

-better steering feedback, you will know how much of a push will turn the car to what extent better than the verna's joystick like which can be literally moved with fingers. this difference is not much beneficial in city driving but goes a long way in highway driving where lane changes have to be carefully decided.

- somewhat better handling , yes, i found the city has better handling than the verna, but this is not a deal breaker, as the verna handles pretty well too.

-snob value, yes i think honda still has that snob value over hyundai

-rear seat, honda still has the the most roomy rear seat, with brilliant design, i find it the best in class, verna has a very low ditch like rear seat, the tall occupant having very less under thigh support, while ladies and children will find it adequate, but getting in and out of a low seat can be tiring after a long drive or for old persons.

-rear view visibility, honda has the best all round visiblity, u dont need a parking senor, leave alone a camera to park, so if ur my kind of a driver who relies primarily on the rear view mirror and not the side mirrors for overtaking, u will find the city to be better in this regard

where the verna scores

- interiors from the sx and sx o version simply are leagues ahead. as a result the verna looks a segment above the city

-features, no need to say anything, verna is the feature king , too many of them against city's miserly offerings,namely climate control ,ioniser,integrated stereo and remote, Bluetooth, alloys,electrochromic rear mirror, camera n sensors,auto door lock/unlock in case of accidents,automatic closing orvm's etc.

-ride quality( for the city roads), the verna has a very soft suspension and its a really lovely smooth drive within the city ,

-cheaper spares and better maintenance , the Verna if i remember correctly has a 10k service interval against city's 5k , while Hyundai parts will be cheaper too, so overall cheaper to maintain.


both cars have a somewhat low stance, if u pack in 4-5 passengers, the city becomes little depressed and prone to scratching, and a difference in the dynamics can be noted at that time. the Verna too gets bogged down with similar loads.

u can seat 5 well built people more comfortably in the city, than the Verna, which has lesser shoulder room than city.

overall look wise, the verna looks more sporty and well built.

don't book or finalize a car just only thinking whether its the segment leader, , i would suggest u find the car that suits ur needs the most, and of course has the desired brag value with it. each car has its own characteristics, so u cant city is currently no.3 or 4 so its not a good buy.

no.1 and no.2 are market terms, a best selling car is not leaps and bounds over its no.2 car, especially in c plus segment,

the Verna petrol to me, is a very sensible car, will give u decent driving experience, is feature rich and cheaper to maintain than Honda.

the city will give u a better driving experience, fog lamps and alloys at a big cost not much else at the v model, a roomier cabin which can fit 5 prettyy well , and a better rear seat.

i couldn't stretch the Verna i drive to much over 110 km h in my recent td, however my friend who a diesel does tell me above 120 km h on highway the rear seat gets sensitive to little undulations on the road , although the car remains stable overall at high speeds up till 150 kmh , as he told

i have driven my own 2nd gen city till 170 km/h, so i cant compare and tell u my take on the verna's high speed manners. the city remains well planted and u dont feel nervous at such speeds.

people have claimed that city has low nvh levels, i disagree, the city's cabin is very silent , and if you are not of hard revving type drivers u will never feel the engine sound. i revv very hard , which is a benefit of the city hence it makes some noise at high rpms, but its nothing that would be called as noise.

the Verna's cabin too had a very silent nvh level, at least till 100 km h.

make a choice between the two, they both are great cars.

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..i am mostly choosing the new verna Petrol 1.6 (O). I hope it rules this segment if not ahead of The Honda city ..Plz correct me if i am wrong. smiley32.gif

There's nothing like the best one/segment leader/perfect one, instead its one's needs/preferences which can see the perfection in anything.

No doubt New Verna is a good car but there's a no alternative to New Honda City. Its simply the best, like a bought jewel rather than an Investment done.

People love to buy even 10-11 years old Honda City today.

Even though with less equipments it offers the best bang of the money spend.

Whereas Hyundai cars are never known for such kind of facts.

P.S: Why aren't you considering Vento petrol instead of Honda City or New Verna as its about a lakh cheaper than these while offering Superior build quality, looks(subjective), comfort, Quality, features & overall feel good factor.

IMHO, its a true worthy alternative to Honda City than New Verna.

I'd advice you to Test Drive it for once.

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Hyundia Verna is a pathetic car average car.

Hyundia horses are always slower than they claim eg i20

They drink a almost twice their ARAI figures eg.i10

And then they take you for a ride if you try to have fun with of them

Crazy Doc2011-06-09 12:21:00

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With new price cut, its City all the way!! I have owned it for 2 years and ownership experience has been a gem. Just yesterday my car came back from the service, and the service centre was being audited by Honda, which is done periodically, and the auditor even pointed out that there was a top part of the window where a line gets formed from the padding in the doors, was not clean enough and got it cleaned, even though I was satisfied with the service. This extra attention to detail at Honda service always pleases me, something neither Maruti nor even Toyota could match

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Well,its the best time to get a City,and you don't need to wait and think of anything.Just to go your nearest Honda dealership and get a E or S variant booked for you.I haven't advised you to get V variant because to me it seems quite expensive for what it offers.

In fact I'd advise you to get E variant,it only lacks an ICE,but since it has got 66k price cut so you can get a fantastic ICE system for 20-25k and for rest 46k,you can get HIDs,good seat covers,10l of synthetic mobil oil.And most importantYou can get the 195/65 R15 tyres and rims of Honda Civic by paying a small amount to the dealership.Just yesterday I got my friend's new City 'S' new rims and tyres from Honda dealership here(they took the older tyres and rims and took some cash(I don't know how much)and offered us the Civic rims and tyres,since we have ordered them for it for about 1 week(the day of purchase)so no hassles and troubles and the City got great tyres...


I totally agree with Rahul1810 about the A$$ that the Honda offers,its really better than all others,I'd compare it to the attention that the Skoda pays to the cars(Believe me:Now skoda has really improved).Its stil leagues ahead of Maruti,Hyundai,Ford etc etc.And somewhat ahead of Toyota too(Actually Honda here has a good looking girl who attends customers,so I find their service great..smiley36.gif)TSiVipul2011-06-15 02:14:41

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