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Shell Fuel, the latest gift for all car lovers. It helps us get better fuel than finding which pump is good in Quality 'n Quantity in that particular city. Some of us gets far better FE when fuelled here, but still most of us stood away from shell. Reaso being Rs 10 more than PSU pumps. But today, the petrol price was just 3-5 more than PSU, so for any car lover, this should be a good news.


So what you get at shell,

Assured Quantity

Assured Quality

Better Mileage

Better Engine life

Best Service

Free Air

Free windshield cleaning


Just now fuelled, Normal Petrol Rs 71.95- Chennai
creativebala2011-06-03 09:10:54

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sarab@atf is just a fancy name for extremely high octane kerosene!!!!hence the low cost!!

Vignesh Kerosene is subsidized for us not to mfg ATF

Secondly rate of ATF is higher than petrol prices generally

And ministry of Civil aviation with petroleum ministry have lowered taxes of mfg and selling of ATF. Guess they forgot to do the same in case of petrol. We still pay about 40% + tax on petrol don't we ? Govt of maharasthra levies VAT and octroi alsosarabjeet2011-06-04 18:35:56

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Its even cheaper today.

77.80 which almost the same as PSU pumps.


?In shell' date=' we get good Quality/Quantity Fuel, along with excellent service and Free Air/ Windshield cleaning.


I still wonder why?many don't fill up here.

Since you do advocate Shell petrol so much i assume your swift and spark petrols are filled up at Shell?

What is the extra fuel efficiency your vehicles deliver compared to regular 91 octane of PSU?

My 1.6 Ikon delivers .5 - 1 Kmpl less when i use shell. It's not due to the "cleaning process" as claimed by shell as I have done many tank fulls. Only advantage is engine is a little smoother. I have used System G as recommended by ford from 2003 and injector cleaning done too on my request (injectors were any way clean due to System G usage, so no gum deposits, blocked lines etc). Many shell petrol and diesel users say their FE decreases.

How is it in your case?

vr.462012-06-01 17:03:51

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I had filled up my tank at Shell about a week ago for 82.60 per liter. It gives me a decent fuel efficiency ~16-17 kmpl against ~14-15 kmpl if tanked up at any PSU pumps.

I agree with Bala that the engine is a lot smoother and the response you get whether for pick up or in-gear acceleration is too nice. And I feel there is no cheating which is prone at other pumps. You get all the fuel of your money's worth - till the last drop that leaves the dispenser.

On that note, I have found Reliance Petrol to be of equal good quality. But I've got a chance to use it only on my Konkan / Pune-Goa drives on the NH 17.

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The low mileage could be attributed to the free revvingness you get with shell.

Even I get the same or even slightly lower mileage compared to same price petrol, but the FUN2DRIVE factor you get with this fuel is unmatched.

However, the my cars returns more FE with shell where as my bike enjoys with shell.

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Oh God !! no way Bala, I cannot do this at the moment. The whole purpose of moving from petrol car to diesel one last year to save on fuel.

Instead of doing this I am OK with PSU diesel as this higher cost at Shell with more FE is not better than PSU diesel and I am not sure how much smooth the engine goes with Shell !!

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