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For general service, maintenance and repairs which is your preference?  

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  1. 1. For general service, maintenance and repairs which is your preference?

    • Company authorized service station
    • Professional service stations
    • Any road side workshops.

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Our car needs care often and workshops and service centers are the place where it all happens. Many of us are loyal to the company authorized service believing that they provide the best of services, while some of us are in favor of professional workshops which provides similar service with lesser cost. Some people just go to any road side mechanic and get these machines serviced.

So, with a lot of technological improvements and quality improvement which is the preferred place to get all these work done. We have our MASS/TASS etc while on the other hand we have companies like BOSCH, CARNATION etc.

sb-alto2011-06-09 12:26:37

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I have observed certain mentality that owners have about authorized service

1. Higher cost of labor

2. Higher cost of repair

3. Taxes increase bill

4. Forcing to use certain products

5. Unnecessary work advising.

Some say that they want to service and repair according to their necessity and not according to what manufacturer wants or according to instruction manual.

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untill my car's under warrenty, i do not take extended warrenty because

1) don't keep my cars that long

2) Know many professional mechanics that can do better job then A.S.S and i have experience to back it up.


when it comes to repainting or dent fixing most A.S.S are useless. They fail to match the colour perfectly.


And we all know A.S.S believes in replace than repair poilcy.
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I would give my car to a MASS any day.

The kind of service I have got till date (earlier on my Zen and now on the Swift) is a no-match.

My Zen had a denting job on the boot door and bumper and that was done to perfection and detailing.

I've been given proper advice of what needs to be done to the car if there were any major costs involved.

Plus, being a loyal customer, I get the minor fixes or even problems like a rattle fixed for no cost. I'm entitled to a free polish and one wheel alignment and balancing coupon for the car once a year.

My Zen had fetched far more value than it would have as I had maintained it at an authorized service center.

Overall, my experience of getting my car serviced at an Authorized Service Center has been good so far.

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For me its the company authorised service stations for my Innova and Laura any day,because I am totally satisfied with what Toyota and skoda service.

While for my i10,I get it serviced at the Bosch-Meerut and sometimes in Hyundai authorised workshop.

While Pulsar is serviced at authorised service center only.

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maruti ass has been really good to my 18 year old 800, and it still evokes a grin and a question every time it goes for a service, with most of them asking me the model its MASS for me too.

and its really fortunate we found  professional mechanic, mr naresh , who has been the "superhero" for our oldie , apart from his outstanding work ethic, he gives the most honest advice ...truly a gem of a person. Had the sx4 undergone a facelift/ or had a had better Fe and overall quality.. i would have blindly booked it for both MASS and mr naresh's sake.

i think if u find a genuinely good mechanic or a professional service center, there isn't much difference.

still for services i would prefer MASS  , and for denting/repairs and other nit bits, i would go for a honest professional mechanic .

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Bro you have caught the best point,here in Meerut one of my friends bought a RE Thunderbird about three years ago.After about 18k kms and 2o months he found a problem of jerking in the bike while riding at a constant pace.Showed the bike to RE workshop and got the advise to get the piston etc etc etc changed and a quoted repair of 7k.

Then enters the hero of the story,a 55 year old RE exclusive mechanic,once we were standing in front of his workshop with me offering my friend to pay the money for the repair.He heard our gossip and approached us,we ignored him on seeing that he is a roadside mechanic.Then he asked us to start the bike and give him the control for a 5-6kms ride,we did(thought of trying him too).On returning he said "tel ka kuch chakkar hai,bhaisaab 500 rupaye lagenge aur gaadi fasclass ho jaegi"(there is some fuel line problem,pay 500 and you bike will be okay).I thought that 7k is to be paid,lets try him and my friend paid him 500.He returned the bike after 7 hours with two parts replaced.A net bill of 960Rs was paid.

Today the bike has done 45k kms and no problem till now...WHAT TO SAY NOW?

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vipul, its really fortunate to come across honest and hardworking professional mechanics .

Not everyone gets to find such motor messiah's , their honest and valuable advice, apart from personalized service is definitely a level above the production mill type of services in some authorized service centers.

I haven't been to MASS naraina ever since we've known him, and touch wood, the car has been "kept in the game" very well by him .

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