What car needs what?

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Hello friends

The Idea of creating this thread came to me after viewing various other threads which contains queries,problems and remedies for various cars,so how about discussing it here on a single platform?

Like no man can be perfect,same way no car can be perfect too.Example:-SUVs have space but no handling,hatches are value for money but compromise on luxury and sedans are luxurious but cannot tackle everything you throw at it.

Here are some cars that I mention:-

    Hyundai i10:The car is simply great handles nice and has good stability too,but needs better-fatter tyres because it seems to be out of grip on even low braking and hard braking is a different story and ABS too isn't that much helpful.So for i10,wider tyres and louder horns are a must.

    Honda City/Civic:Honda City is amongst my hot favorites for the response it offers,but at the same time I feel it extremely weak at lower end of its powerband,same is with the Civic too.If you don't use the clutch then the car bogs down in even the first gear!!It sounds strange for such powerful car,but it happens.

    Tyres of both of these cars seem to be the widest and most grippy in the world too.Honda City/Civic owners may understand it better if they have ever braked hard,although the cars have ABS but roll down the windows and you will hear the screeching noise of the tyres at the time of hard braking.

    Here is one of my experiences:

    We had a tour to Mussoorie last month,the cars taken were a Honda Civic(M/T) and my Laura TSi.Till Dehradun everything was okay with the Civic,but as soon as the hill climb started it made me afraid of upshifting.The car once bogged down even in first gear on a hairpin only because the RPMs came down,while the same patch was crossed by Laura in second gear.Same is with City too.

    Ground clearance is the third issue,any suggestions for its remedy?

Many more to come....

TSiVipul2011-06-13 15:52:02

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A nice thread vipul. Today we can point out more than 1 major flaw that stops many from going for it and this could be platform to showcase it.



Most of your cars doesn't handles well, do something.

All your gasolines are bloody drunkards, make them sip less.



Come out with a stripped Jazz 'n kill Etios.

Marry Fiat and get good Diesels, in turn give them fit 'n finish.



market your A* properly. Its the best car in its category, but its a failure.

buy the 1L MJD from GM and feed your A*, WR, Eeco, Ritz with it.



Fit 'n finish plz



Standardize 1.3MJD VGT on Punto



ABS on Diesel

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Just yesterday got the tyres(rims too) of my friend's City upgraded to Civic's 195/65 R15.and now the city is offering a blistering performance with a superior blend of ride and handling.

Citygot the price cut and nowJazz needs it.

Offer the 1.5 V-tec or i-vtec in the Jazz to kill the Polo 1.6.Because this is the enthusiast's platform and Honda will find many.


Offer VGT in Punto and Linea's chasis needs a 100+ bhp engine,maybe a 1.5 or 1.6.

Performance of Punto and Linea must be improved,because the performance of these cars eclipses their brilliant ride and handling.

Now multiair must be introduced in India too and Fiat must be only one to offer it,this must not be given to other manufacturers.


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Honda Civic: yes i have one and i also feel there is less power lower in the powerband. but once 3K RPM is crossed, there is no looking back!

Honda City: fatter rubber please! also add a CD player atleast.

Skoda: Improve A.S.S and people will flock to buy their cars.

Hyundai: Solve steering rattle in i10s and i20s. i dont know about fluidic verna.

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Mahindra Scorpio - Better interiors, climate control.

Tata Nano - Diesel engine.

VW Polo - Vento Diesel 1.6 engine.

Mahindra Verito -- More power (100 plus) from the 1.5 litre diesel engine.

Suzuki SX4 -- More power and better interiors.

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Tata Indica :  New dash and interior. Exterior styling and detailing. Refined and smooth Petrol Engine. Suspension should be made more stiffer just like Punto / Palio. 

Tata Indica Vista : Re-designed front is required. Alloy wheels , spoiler should be made standard.

Tata Sumo Grande MKII : Exterior need more detailing and Interior require better seats redesigned dash better steering.

Engine with a punch just like Scopio is required for Tata Sumo Grande MKII.

Skoda Laura : Seriously require new look just like Ford Fiesta Classic.

Maruti EECO : New version with some upmarket feel such as better plastic, seats, music & entertainment system , big and wide tires, redesigned front and side cladding.

Mercedes S Class : Looks old as compared with new E-Class. Entire new exterior design is required.

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Mitsubishi Lancer:A facelift(EVO style)+a more powerful engine.

Mitsubishi Outlander:A diesel powerplant.

Mahindra Bolero:CRDe only.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy:The really tough mountain goat needs a diesel powerplant+A/C+Power steering and other features too.

Toyota Etios:Needs a D-4D as soon as possible.

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dear turbocharged vipul, i have read ur posts and i am sure u love the nice well fed curves.......on the tires that is.

doesnt changing tyres affect fuel efficiency and steering feedback? apart from the handling that is?

what treatment some cars is need -

SX4- a nice hot interior designer( female if possiblesmiley2.gif) to upgrade the whole cabin, a geeky wide and deep eyed rear glass for better rear view visiblity and a stringy kanjoos engine to improve its fuel efficiency

CITY - well, the fairy who can restore its premium interiors, another fairy to get it the features it deserves , and a big fat upgrade to the ground clearance.

ETIOS- again the same abovesaid, a massive overhaul of the plastics, which probably are the only stark negative in the car, heck even the dzire has better plastics, then some beefy muscled metal slices to ensure this baby builds a strong body shell , and if this happens  the etios will be unarguably be the best car 6 lakhs could get in this country.

EUROPEANS - in general, cheaper spare parts , and a better ass

VENTO- rear view visibility, better petrol engine, better interiors.

POLO- space space, i dont think the car lacks anything else

LINEA AND PUNTO ,.- brand image,ass,spares, more of these ,....please dont screw such beautiful cars for no fault of theirs.

hyundai- handling handling, rear visiblity for verna and better rear seats will  make ity the undisputed king.

i20, well price cuts, to start with , and no rattling please

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You are absolutely right that I love to speed up on the winding roads.In fact the driving in hills is my biggest turn on and I never want my car to drift when I don't want her to,especially in hills where I cover the turns at the maximum possible speeds.

Upgrading to wider and more grippy tyres really affect the FE,but not too much to bother.All the cons. are covered by handling itself.And yes,in more powerful cars,the FE change is also not too much.

Tata Safari:Lesser body roll,and now really need to change that outdated side profile(Even Merlyn looks the same).

Skoda Laura:It really needs a facelift.looks and feels dated.

Tavera:This needs everything to be changed..seriously everything.TSiVipul2011-06-16 17:02:21

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hi .. i am a new joinee to the forum and bought my 1st car - a tata nano - recently. i think in the tata nano lx model the power window buttons are very much at the wrong location and one has to bend over to operate them .. i almost had an accident while trying to operate the buttons while driving ..

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Welcome prasun,

Do introduce yourself on a seperate thread. Have a plesent journey, both on road as well as here.


Actually nano needs a lot of important stuffs

1. Left OVRM

2. Glove box

3. Hatch glass opener

4. Covered battery, these are like bare basic


Apart from this it needs


2. Good sound deadening

3. Front better tyre & disc

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This time its:

Toyota Innova:

It needs a serious facelift.

6 airbags.

Auto A/C

And a complete change to interiors as well as exteriors.


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Honda City requires heavy tires as Toyota Fortuner. And it's height is also low and it should require 1 feet height more. And it's length is also less it should be long as Tata Sumo. Buy making these changes in Honda City looks very decent than other cars.

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