Car towing - ends with the problem!

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Hello ACI members,

Amby vs my lancer= tears. (Not in my eyes, it is in my lancer"s engine. lol)

I have old ambassador in my guest house which is not in the working condition and kept unused for a long period. Today morning i rushed up to the spot with my friends in my Diesel Lancer . With a towing rope and accesories. Now both the cars are connected one to another. 1st gear applied in my lancer and started to move, but the car did not moved because amby was kept unused for a long period and its wheels at the zero psi level. Then again i tried to move the lancer, but there was a smoking smell came from the lancer"s hood. So, i stopped this process permanently. When i turned on the lancer"s engine after 10mins, i felt the same smell at the engine portion again.

Is my car dead almost? or due to the high torque used, the cluth plates are meshed hardly and causing the smell?

Where is the smell coming from and the exact problem was?

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It seems the clutch plate has slipped causing burnt smell.

If the tires are flat, its not advised to tow as it will create great resistance.

Hence when the effort is very high, its affects clutch

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