Diesel price increases by Rs 3, now ...?


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Politicians are very well aware that people will fight against prices for some time and then they will start adjusting with it, and then forget, moving on to next thing. What we badly need is consistency.

Unless we keep on pressing, without believing any polished words from politicians till some real changes happen, there is no hope.

So if politicians respond saying " we will surely check and take action, whatever is possible, bla bla bla" for country's sake, don't fall for it.parthi29292011-07-04 16:32:47

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Well the effect of the increase in the diesel's price can be easily noticed in the market,now most of the commodities have got a small price hike.

Here is one example:-

Since four of our trucks have been contracted with birla Tyres of Haridwar,so we get the tyres for the vehicles from them itself,but yesterday when I called them up for two sets of tyres(10 each,on total 20 tyres)and I was shocked to hear the price they mentioned for the radials(truck radials).They have increased the price by 7.5-10% per piece.When I told them that we are contracted with them then they told me that now they are helpless.The increased transportation cost(since they pay for diesel)has made the raw material transportation expensive,and same is with the product transportation hence the company has increased the price of tyres.And since the tyres are bought from dealers so high price is to be paid now.

Now a days everything like Flour,Fruits and other commodities have got a 1-5% price hike.


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