Zal D

Great to be back

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Hi everyone,

I'm Zal and I use to be an active member on ACI. Back then I was in New Zealand finishing of high school and hoping once I finish I will train and become a pilot. Fast forward a couple of years and I am a fully qualified Commercial Pilot (without a jobsmiley18.gif) and I am now living in Melbourne Australia.

I look forward to joining in discussions and see there are a lot of new members around.

I shall also post some exclusive ownership reviews of the cars we have like our Toyota Aurion and Kia Forte.

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@Zal D: Welcome back. I know of a pilot who couldn't read 'Ishihara' charts after his dad had pumped in huge sums of money for his training in Australia and was termed colour blind. This happened when he came to India to get his licence certified by Indian authorities and they had to find other ways to check his colour vision.

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