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Delivery Experience:



We booked Ritz Ldi on Feb 19, 2012. at Rana motors Gurgaon. The dealers response was on spot very informative and supportive. The sales person gave us all the information about pricing, accessory information and other needed document infromation all in one go. So i must say no confusion what so ever for us. He did not give us the booking receipt on the spot but came to out home on next Monday Feb 20 to hand it over to us.

The expected delivery date was mentioned as March 15, 2012 which was kind of shocking for us because we were having an impression that Ritz diesel is delivered on spot. But anyways...better that we were informed at the time of booking itself. So knew how long we have to wait to get it.

March 11, 2012 was the delivery day, my complete family went to collect the keys. My brother has asked for some add-on which got fit into the car on the same day by MSIL certified mechanics. All accessories were MGA and hence I had no issues while not able to check them by myself.
After 2 hours of car enrichment exercise finally the moment had arrived when my family took the keys.

The sales person with whom we were in touch through out the process gave the keys, my mom had bought Durga Mata idol so she first gave the seat to her on the dash.

The dealer also took a photo graph of all of my family members with the car. And finally, my family took the new one on the road.

First stoppage was at the petrol pump to fill the fuel and then headed straight towards the temple.

I will be able to post the pics only when I will be back.
Sstar2012-03-29 17:20:45
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Hi,here's my story

1.Maruti 800(2000)-basically not my car but my father's,yet doesnot make any difference,loved it too much.i learned driving on that car.i don't remember a single incident of that car making any sort of problem,my father sold it just because no one was driving it(as both I and bhaiya has to go away for our jobs),other wise she was perfect.

Hyundai santro(2006)-this time its my bhaiya's,well this too doesn't make any difference,because i was the one who used it to the maximum.completed my college with her,never really made big issues,had a small accident,that too with a running buffalo,while i was just starting,not much damage though and still fine with bhaiya.

HONDA CITY(2011)-Well this was mine,bought it after much of research and calculations,it was like dream came true.we were extremely happy with buying,aftersales response,performance and everything,and suddenly after just three months of buying i had a major accident(nobody was seriously injured,thanks to seatbelts and air bags) and my city was 65% damaged,we settled for cash loss settlement and still waiting for the final payment to come.right now booked another honda city and probably be writting the review in mid june.

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My New Ride: Hyundai i10 Magna Blue Drive in Crystal White color

Date of Purchase: 15 June 2012

Kms done: 492kms

Fuel burnt: 15Lts of Petrol, 30Lts of Gas so far. (filled in 20Lts of Gas this morning with approx 2Lts of Petrol leftout)

100% City traffic with 70% AC

List of goodies: Remote Central Locking, SunFilm, Car Cover, Seat Covers, Leather Steering Cover

Pending add-ons: Music system with GPS & Reverse Camera (suggestions are most welcomed)

I should say, I am one happy customer of I10(touch wood), enjoying the drives to the fullest.

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Our previous rides are

1.Maruti 800-Second generation-1987-63000 Km in 25 years.But,car is kept at servicing center.Our first car.

2.Ford Ikon-Used car-2001 model-But bought it in 2004-Our second car-Sold in 2006 due to less FE.

3.Toyota Qualis-2000-Our's was the first vehicle in Hyderabad-Our third car-Bought it from Company on 2006 September-End and ran till 4.25L in its age of 10 years.Sold in 2010 April after we bought our Swift Diesel.

4.Maruti Swift-Our present car-67500 Km-Bought him on 8 Feb 2010 and running strongly.This is our fourth car.

5.Maruti 800-Third Generation-Present ride-1998 model-Bought it from my grandfather when he went to US and had done 1.13L in 14 years.Bought this car on September 2011 and ran till now with us is 5K Km in 10 months.This is our fifth car.We are replacing this car by this year.

Upcoming car-Renault Duster RX-Z 110HP.

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We got our new Swift DZire ZXi last week :D

The biggest question when buying it was weather to go for VDi or ZXi. Me and my dad concluded that our running was less and we already have a Scorpio, so having 2 diesel cars was not a good option. Plus it is also psychological feeling in people that diesel cars are overall cheaper. Petrol cars are more powerful (though not as torquey) and are extremely quiet. The overall experience in the past month was good and have touched 250km mark in last week :D . Maruti also increased their production capacity at their plant and dropping sales lead to a only 2 week's wait. We got 10.5 kmpl mileage in Delhi's traffic.

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this is Saikiran here, I have been driving cars since last 18 years including middle east. I have been proud owner of various cars including Beetle. Recently I bought Mahindra Verito Executive. After doing an extensive research and spending hours at the show rooms of all the car manufacturers I decided to go with the Mahindra Verito Executive. I have driven already 500kms in 7 days. I could not ho;d myself from praising it. In the price range below 9 lacs the car coomes with additional features from its D6 topend. Namely it came with Navigation, leather seats, alloywheels, graphics. The interiors are really well finished. The drive is really smooth and mileage is also around 18.4 mix running in city and highway. The good part about it is that it is very driver friendly in city and the engine is very responsive in the city and in slow speed. I must say that the feel is so nice that one does not feel like one is driving a diesel engine.

It also has driver assist which comes with high end sedans. The cabin space is very large and comfortable.Well lit airy. The best part is its boot space of 510 liters enormous.

I think the company should advertise it more to create awareness in general public. Not to take away from Mahindra its upper hand in SUV segment. I think it can really do well in hatchback and Sedan segment too.

my experience states one should give a thought on this car while deciding on ones purchase also it has 1.5 liter Renault diesel engine.


Saikiran Gajjar

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