Feature your new ride ( 2-wheelers)

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I appreciate Sgiitk sir for starting this thread(please don't say thankssmiley36.gif).I think this is the platform where all the ACIans can share there ownership experiences and their emotions attached to their rides.Mine is follows:-

I got my first vehicle a Hero Razorback(still with me and is in a working condition)I loved it s FE which was unlimited with its initial throttle responsesmiley36.gif,then came a TVS Scooty ES,then came my first bike-my Hero Honda CD Dawn(when I was in my 8th class when I was 14)I kept it for 6 months and sold it for some extra power and that extra power came in form of a Hero Honda CBZ star I loved the way the bike used to drive and at the age of 15 it was really too cumbersome for me but still it won my heart with its fantastic balance and I loved the way it used to handle.After riding it for about 28k kms I sold it out when I was 17(11th class).Then came my current beast My Black horse-Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTS-i .

I love the throttle response of the bike and the exhaust note of the bike sends my heart sprinting.In fact I drive it hard only to hear its exhaust and often rev it very high(either by lowering to first or second gear or using clutch and making the 'twist of power')in the public instead of honking and find people jumping out of my way..smiley36.gif

The only thing I hate in the bike is its build quality and somewhat high maintainance.The bike really needs a good hand,you may run it at 125 but you need a good highway for that and you don't know what body panel will break and come into your hand with even a jerk made by you.Right now saw its odo and it was displaying 21393 kms.

Got ABS installed on my bike with only front disk,no rear disk installed and bike simply looks stock with not even a single sticker on it except the number. TSiVipul2011-06-29 08:14:40

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A request: Since we did not have such a thread earlier we were

mainly posting in the Main Area of Readers Test Team. If you have a

thread please PM me with the link, I will try and move it here. As I am not involved with two-wheelers it is very unlikely that I will be able to find the thread.

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