June 2011- Car Sales Report

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Mahindra & Mahindra auto sales up 29 pc in June

Auto-maker Mahindra & Mahindra today reported 29.11 per cent jump in its total sales in June, 2011 at 35,584 units.

In the domestic market, the company registered a rise of 28.69 per cent at 33,772 units as compared to 26,243 units in the year-ago period, it added.

Total sales of passenger vehicles, including Scorpio, Xylo, Bolero and Verito, stood at 16,053 units as against sales of 13,316 units in June 2010, up 20.55 per cent.

Sales of the Verito sedan went up by over two-fold to 1,510 units during the month from 563 units in the same month a year ago.

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Skoda Auto India today reported a 69 per cent increase in sales to 2,611 units in June this year, as against 1,639 units in the same month last year.

Volkswagen India today reported 166 per cent increase in sales during June at 5,397 units as against 2,032 units in the same month last year.

The compact car Polo and the sedan Vento continue to be the backbone for the brand with a total of 5,136 units sold in June 2011, the company said in a statement.

The recently launched new Passat sedan sold 197 units during the month, it added.

shanthanreddyp2011-07-01 10:18:10

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Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) - 3.8 per cent decline in sales

70,020 units in June from 72,812 units

The firm suffered a production loss of 12,600 units due to the strike.

Tata Motors - 20.91 per cent decline

21,993 units in June as against 27,811 units

HMIL - 11.1 per cent growth

30,402 units in June this year from 27,366 units

Growth due to 21,000 customer bookings for the New Verna

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) - 94.72 per cent increase its sales

12,034 units as against 6,180 units

"The growth in sales is due to increased Etios production.

Volkswagen India -166 per cent increase in sales

5,397 units as against 2,032 units

Mahindra & Mahindra - rise of 28.69 per cent

33,772 units as compared to 26,243 units.

Skoda Auto India - 69 per cent increase in sales

2,611 units i as against 1,639 units.

Ford India - 8.44 per cent increase in its sales

9,145 units as compared to 8,433 units.

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Some Highlights:

Sales of the Verito sedan went up to 1,510 units from 1291 units in may.

The Indica range reported sales of 8,188 units up from 5497 units last month

Sales of the Nano stood at 5,451 units lower month-on-month basis from 6515

Recently launched new Passat sedan sold 197 units

AHNC sales jump to 2802 units from 1828 units.

TKM sold 5,002 units of mid sized sedan Etios, 737 units of its latest small car Liva.

TAUREAN CZAR2011-07-01 15:19:10

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Good to see ANHC still holding strong and proving last month's sales decline was nothing more than an anomaly. Obviously it has taken a fit and will take one further because of obvious reasons(new launches and diesel) but 2800 for a 3 year old design about to be replaced is respectable.

VW still unable to increase productions beyong the 5-7K marks is appalling. Its been 1 and 1/2 years since Polo was launched.

Expecting Toyota numbers to jump up quickly. It was stated at the press conf. of the Liva launch that Toyota is working towards increasing its plant productions capacity from 70,000 to 1,20,000 by next year. Mostly to accommodate the Liva.

Nano posting only 6K sales shows that regardless of the price tag, consumers are either not confident on the brand or on the product but are rather going upscale towards the Alto. Hyundai's HA should further dampen the Nano's spirits. Atleast till the diesel is launched.

Ford going strong. Go Figo. Expecting a further jump when the Fiesta is launched. Rather doubtful though that the avg. sales of Fiesta may exceed 3-4K mark. lets see.

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Some Highlights:

Sales of the Verito sedan went up to 1' date='510 units from 1291 units in may.


Relaunch with mahindra logo and some asthetic changes have played the game well with the numbers swelling despite market slow down.

The Indica range reported sales of 8' date='188 units up from 5497 units last month


In Hyderabad Indica eV2 sales have begun only in the middle of May. When we went for the delivery of our Vista the showroom guy told us that the requisite permissions of the eV2 for BSIV norms were not yet received by the showrooms. Hence though they have got the stock they could not push the vehicles into the market.

So I think eV2 has met with a good success for TML.

AHNC sales jump to 2802 units from 1828 units.

This might be due to the reduction of the price of ANHC which has put it into a league of lower segment. Hence a surge in sales.

A good sign for Honda India.

Hope they also plan a similar cut on the over priced B+ segment hatch - Jazz

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Maruti sold A- Star  just 905 , SX4 760 units ( approx) and dzire sold just 2458 units ( approx).The strike didn't effect the production of these cars and MSIL overcautious approach regarding models specific to India.

Incompetent leadership and management have resulted in such  a decline of sales but it also highlights how MSIL is losing touch with consumer and with all cash surplus not putting to proper use.

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June 2011 Car sales report


Spark : 3318

Beat : 1614

UVA : 95

Aveo : 160

Tavera : 1738

Optra : 241

Cruze : 860

Captiva : 161


Linea : 350

Punto : 1150

Palio : 6


Fiesta Classic : 1077

Figo : 5698

Endeavour : 248


Ambassador : 250 (approx)

Pajero : 107

Outlander : 41

Montero : 8

Lancer + Cedia : 7

Evolution X : 0


City : 2802

Civic : 175

Accord : 103

Jazz : 361

CRV : 14


Santro : 7114

i10 : 10969

i20 : 7152

Accent : 941

Verna : 4102

Sonata : 24

Santa Fe : 100


Verito : 1510

Xylo : 2573

Scorpio : 3645

Bolero : 7558

ST + Maxx + Marshal : 767


M800 : 1823

Omni : 6683

Alto : 23240

Estilo : 1532

WagonR : 12215

Dzire : 2486

SX4 : 713

Eeco : 5499

Swift : 9468

A-Star : 905

Ritz : 5239

Kizashi : 32

Gypsy : 182

G.Vitara : 3


Micra : 1609

X-Trail : 16

Teana : 5

370Z : 2


Laura : 693

Fabia : 1461

Superb : 325

Yeti : 132


Nano : 5452

Indica : 8188

Indigo : 4882

Sumo : 1470

Safari : 1223

Aria : 356

Venture : 423


Innova : 4,665

Corolla : 629

Fortuner : 990

Etios : 5,002

Liva : 737

Camry : 9

Prius : 2


Polo : 2,679

Vento : 2,457

Jetta : 59

Passat : 197

Beetle : 3

Phaeton : 2

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TOP 10 performers of JUNE 2011:

1. Maruti Alto : 23240

2. Maruti WagonR : 12215

3. Hyundai i10 : 10969

4. Maruti Swift : 9468

5. TATA Indica : 8188

6. Mahindra Bolero : 7558

7. Hyundai i20 : 7152

8. Hyundai Santro : 7114

9. Maruti Omni : 6683

10. Maruti Eeco : 5499

Just Missing the TOP 10 are

1. TATA Nano : 5452

2. Toyota Etios : 5,002 TAUREAN CZAR2011-07-02 08:44:54

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* It's surprising to see Santro selling at 7144 units per month. Still such an effecient and peppy car.

*New Verna figures at 4102 tells that in coming months we'll going to have new segment leader.

*Etios at 5002 tells that it's going strong day-by-day.

*Ambessedor, more than 15 years old model is top seller for Mitshubishi.Shocking!!

*Cruze at 860, still leading its segment by big margin.

*Nano steady sales of 5452 shows increased faith of customers in this baby.

*Verito having steady sales of 1510 shows it still a perfect sedan for middle class.

*Honda's rapidly declining sales across all the models a bit of concern for the company.   

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1. City- The empire strikes back. I had estimated Vento to

be the biggest loser from Verna, since most of its sales are

diesel cars, which Verna now fulfills. What Vento lacks that City Petrol

and Verna Diesel have is trust of brand, which is more with Honda and

Hyundai. Also Verna is very well loaded. While VW will say about quality, it is not a hugely important factor here(Testimony:SX4 success) and both Verna and City offer pretty decent quality.

However too early to conclude as early days for Verna and the huge price drop City saw this month.

2. i20 is the leader and by what a huge margin! Visibility on the roads

is also very high. Never difficult to search for an i20 on the road.

3. i10 sales see a drop. I expected around 14k especially with Maruti strike

4. Aggressive campaign and pricing about the Beat, still fails to bring customers in.

5. Linea 350 only. TJet couldn't do anything and a proof again that, its

not engine power that failed them. Just look at the new lease of life

it gave SX4 (well not this month overall, but we all know the usual

sales figure)

6. Diesel speaks. Atleast the good ones do. Altis now goes down to third in the list. Cruze and Laura slugging it out.

7. 356 Aria and 132 Yeti. Is Tata Aria actually a success?8. Micra at 1609 makes Nissan as the company to watch. Being tiny and fighting in the most agressively fought segment, it still manages decent no. Increase in dealership and Nissan Sunny makes for an attractive future. The two most agressively fought segment are going to see even more fight in the future. Brio, Swift, Liva and Etios Diesel, short Dzire, short Logan, Renault hatchback, RIII at the same pricepoint as many premium hatchbacks and low cost sedans, i20 facelift and many more factors.

Only ones who can really claim a segment leader position is Swift, Dzire and i20. Even i10 can't cos of the practicality expert Wagon R.

Even then, i20 wont feel its future secure. Bcos the only other clear segment leader(Swift)has decided to swim towards its segment.? Also the looming Jazz price cut, might just provide some lure away from the i series.

Its a good future for the customers eyes and hands and heart. Not so good for his brains!

rahul18102011-07-02 10:45:17

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The magical "T" badge seems to be working again and even better than any "S" or "H" badge,you can tell me that Maruti plant had a strike but still I'd say that how much are the dZire petrols selling,definitely its lesser thna the Etios.


Honda City again back in the competition,now its the diesel engine awaited to completely change its fate.

Fiat Linea being a brilliant car is not selling,I have yest seen only 1-2 T-jets on the roads,one is of my friend and second I saw a month back.

Punto seems to be somewhat catching up.

Innova again dominating the segment even after the budget-Scorpio is launched.

Dunno why Safari is getting continuous beating and its sales are continuously decreasing.

Mitsubishi needs to get rid of HM and open its own joy-zones for its loyalists.

Skoda seems to be getting on the line with its demand as well as sales rising each month.Laura and Superb both are dominating their segments as usual(since Laura is a segment above Cruze to not compared to Cruze,after al you pay 5-6 lacs extra to get one over a Cruze).Yeti seems to be getting the attention.

Fortuner-again the 'T'-badge magic is getting the sales which were ever unseen in the segment.

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"Skoda seems to be getting on the line with its demand as well as sales rising each month.Laura and Superb both are dominating their segments as usual(since Laura is a segment above Cruze to not compared to Cruze,after al you pay 5-6 lacs extra to get one over a Cruze).Yeti seems to be getting the attention. "

This is off target and is pure fanboyism and snobbishness. No one pays 6-7 lakhs for a Laura over a Cruze. I paid 1,640,000 for the Cruze AT. Laura prices start at 1,274,000. The loaded TDI AT costs 1,800,000. Way off target.

U don't also have to pay for a snob value of a Skoda, a regional entry level brand in Europe. Paying for snob value of a VW is ok(though my opinion of VW isn't too great).VW interiors are classically styled which isn't my taste.

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I am ready with two cheques,one of 1,274,000 and other of 1,800,000,just get me a Laura for these cheques each.One TSi Ambiente,which is still 15.1 lacs on-road-Delhi or a classic,which is still 13.7 lacs on-road-Delhi.

And yes,how can you compare a Cruze VCDi with a Laura TSi,one is petrol and other is diesel.Now let's get to Laura A/T,firstly I am not considering the Ambiente variant which is stripped of features,I want you to have a look at the L&K,the fully loaded variant which is still 20.7 lacs on-road-Delhi while Cruze LTZ A/T is 16.58 see the price difference.And yes I am not talking about underpowered Laura M/T.

You can call my act as an act of fanboyism,but still I feel Laura a segment above the Cruze.I still remember the time I went to book the car,after TDing every sort of machine(first was the Cruze because I love the way it looks and the insane power it offers)I fearfully entered the Skoda dealership to get a Laura and after I TDed the TSi,I forgot everything.And even my uncle too own a Cruze LTZ and whenever he drives my car he regret his decision..smiley36.gif.

My cousin has Laura TDI A/T L&K and I think as well as feel too that the car is far-far above the Cruze and its not only me who says it,in fact everyone who has driven both the cars have the same opinion and you too will have it as soon as you TD the Laura L&K.I can bet on that.TSiVipul2011-07-04 06:10:14

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When you are going to compare a 20 lakh L and K Laura to a 16-17 lakh LTZ Cruze then its obviously a hell of a class difference.

At 20 lakhs, you enter the domain of the Accords and Superbs, which well are head and shoulders above the above two.

At 14-15 lakhs the Cruze and Laura will continue to fight for supremacy , both are terrific cars, I really cant pick one, the Laura tempts with its power and handling, The Cruze gets it  DieselThump ahead, the head unit of the The Cruze is the only thing that saves it, apart from its spartan interiors. The New Jetta may change things, but I still think nothing will come close to the Cruze and Laura experience .

This side of 20 lakhs, The Laura 1.8 Tsi Ambiente is the king in Petrol's, While I would vote for Cruze LTZ in the diesels category.

I think Verna will continue its dominion, until the City gets its 4th avatar out with adequate features and pricing, otherwise I don't see any car, save for a 1.4 Tsi Vento petrol challenging it.

Etios, well , I had already seen it as a game changer, and despite MSIL not being able to get its production right, Etios will only go from strength to strength now, And the new shortened dzire doesn't look like it could do anything more than its predecessor. And this is when there is only petrol, So easily one can see its the best selling petrol sedan overall in all segments.

And once it gets a diesel heart, it will be game over for opponents, only if  the Nissan Sunny can offer something really good, I don't think anything would stop The T march.

Although the Passat is a gem of a car, with class leading features and diesel engine, its yet to outscore the Superb , expect the VW tank to roll higher.

And hatches, well its burning as hell, Brio ,new Swift, Liva , I expect this trio to tear into the hegemony of Alto,Wagon r,i10 and i20.

If Honda prices the Brio well, it could be a game up for the T and M's, who won't buy the 90 bhp  sporty hatch car if it comes at a par price.

The City surely strikes back as The leading petrol C segmenter.Along with the old swift, These two outgoing models still manage to kick the Hyundai twins of i20 and petrol Verna with some margin. Expect their new avatars to widen the gap even more,

So , its the Alto,Swift, Etios,Verna. Laura,Superb as the segment leaders across the economy hatch , premium hatch , entry sedan, C, C+ AND D segments.

Expect fireworks between New swift , Liva and Brio.

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