VW Polo Gasket / Head

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There have been problems reported for VAG companies for the smaller previous petrol engines , the Fabia 1.4lt petrol was a nightmare, it gave poor FE,always needed high octane fuel and suffered breakdown often (many were replaced) inspite of replaced they went bad again; hence skoda removed the 1.4lt engine itself and refunded most people for the 1.4lt Elegance P model. The engine in your car is the next generation one but still it isn't that great (derived from 1.6 on Vento) in refinement. Also the head issue problem for this engine family is common, if you search in EU forums many people with 1.2lt polo's have the engine replaced by VW . But then they have something called as Lemon Law which isn't available for India and manufacturer's dodge these issues in India ;the most common is 10 year DSG warrenty is not applicable for India (why because they got away with it)and DSG box if failed will cost atleast 2 lakhs to replace.

The best course of action is to repair the car and get a written letter stating the km's and years the car won't have issue again. Otherwise sell it after the repair.

PS - The TSi engine is great and excellent but complex and hence I will not judge about its reliability now but after a couple of years.

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