Sunny's New Fluidic Verna 1.6 CRDi

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A very close friend of mine(Sunny/sarvesh) have bought New Fluidic Verna 1.6 CRDi recently off course on my serious advice, push n blah blah.

But he's so shy n lethargic to post his Ownership experience & details on it here.

So I on behalf of him posting a Ownership thread of his Verna 1.6 CRDi here, with complete details, experiences as I was with him always to guide the way for him.

On seeing it only once after its launch, he fell into love with this car completely & booked one immediately even without taking its Test Drive. He booked this car on 28th of May2011 & as promised got his car exactly within 20 days after booking. At that time;

Its Ex-showroom Price was-8,88,790 INR.

Here are some of its Pics;




First Impression:

Seen this car same day after he bought one & guys nothing is better than what happened with me, as seen 1st Verna so closely & that's too of my best friend which I can see, touch, feel & Drive.

Simply Awesome. smiley27.gifsmiley1.gif 

1st look: Immediately fell into love with this car as due to its gorgeous looks. Fluidic design really worked guys.

Stepping in: Opened its door with Desmodronic Swiss knife like folding key & then greeted by well laid out Black-beige Interiors, Integrated Music System & Hugging seats. Simply Mind blowing.

Then directly entered the Swiss knife like key into its keyslot & then-'Welcome to Hyundai' message appeared on its central MID screen of its Instrument Cluster. As it was time of about 9:00PM & completely dark outside, just switched on its parking lamps & pleased by its very Natural Blue-White combination Instrument Cluster lighting.

All were looking nice: The ACC(with Ionizer), The Bluetooth enabled ICE with wide display & Steering mounted Audio controls.

Immediately paired my cellphone with its ICE to check its functioning by playing my favourite tracks.

Then Cranked its engine & then its 1.6l 128PS CRDi beast settled into Soft yet roaring engine note.

Also got the chance to check its ACC as it was too hot out & inside & Surprisingly it also worked excellently.

Then checked its Rear Seat, though it was bit low with offering Crouched seating but due to this configuration Legroom, Headroom & Kneeroom was sufficient for me(5.6ft) with its even more than almost Flat floor.

But didn't got the chance to drive it that day, as I already got very late for my Dinner. So postponed it for another couple of days & the same is now i'm going to do here as I got the time to drive it extensively yesterday.

So be patient & wait for a day for its complete Test Drive experience.

Till then enjoy the events quoted above & feel free to ask anything from me regarding New fluidic Verna.

Happy Motoring..smiley10.gif
dr_nishu2011-07-08 20:34:45

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Congratulations to your friend . The new Verna is proving to be massive eye candy for buyers and the 1.6lt crdi is a gem on an engine . I would advice your friend to go for 195 spec tyres and if possible with 15' alloys .

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Thanks Vipul, rssh & vignesh for the wishes from me & on behalf of my friend.

Latest update from my friend; His New fluidic verna 1.6 CRDi delivered 18.5kmpl(calculated by tankful to tankful method) during 1000kms of its driving(75-25 Highway-City driving).

As Vipul correctly quoted above, I'm also enjoying his car whenever I gets the chance.

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Thats a good milege . You would be amazed with the milege you get when you are light footed and heavy footed.


Last tank full with a bit of heavy foot I got 14kpl in city 100% AC and with light foot got 16.25kpl in city in the previous tankful.


The 1.6 CRDi is more refined than the 1.4 in i20 CRDi .

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Congrats to your friend doc.. Fluidic design makes Verna surely a head turner. And thats a great mileage for a sedan. I get around 19kmpl on my Figo 1.4. How is handling while driving 3 digits on highways?

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