New Car c.10 lacs!!

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Your first query got a very satisfying end in the form of ANHC with Autobox, and is the best of the lot given your particular requirements.

Now,coming to your second query, I would say :

1.) i20 is a good car for city use and occasional highway runs. In your case, as you are doing primarily highway runs, a sedan becomes the safest bet. I think you should go in for a three-box car rather than a hatch.

2.) In sedans, you can consider :

a.) Hyundai verna : A great diesel car, but is slightly out of budget. If you can stretch that much, I think it is worth it.

b.)Fiat Linea : As you have owned a Fiat, you are very-well aware of the A.S.S provided, though they have improved a lot. Diesel variant would fit in your budget and product itself is great, save for some niggling issues, the ride and handling is best of the lot.

c.) SX4 diesel : This version of SX4 is helping to sell in decent numbers. The product is quite old and is due for replacement, otherwise has proven engine and mechanicals, backed-up with ubiquitous Maruti support.

d.) If you are going to purchase during the festive season, you can easily have a look at the New Ford Fiesta/,which is just round the corner (actually coming on 14th july). However,the pricing is to be seen.

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If you have made-up your mind on that, then for the hatchbacks :

1.) VW Polo : It makes up most sense. The product is very-well built, rides best and offers decent diesel economy.

2.) Skoda Fabia : This is another equally well-built car and is now even more attractive due to the Skoda Celebrations going on.This deal could be a steal.

3.) Hyundai i20 : Again a great car. It is not so well put together as their German counterparts, but still is good enough. Ride and handling are OK but safety is top-notch.

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Yes the new Fiesta is about 50k overpriced according to my books . Ford should have played the Figo way with the Fiesta and they should have undercutted the Verna or remain at par with it . I don't seen the Fiesta setting fire in sales chart . But its good to know that you get safety features in all varients.

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I don't seen the Fiesta setting fire in sales chart . But its good to know that you get safety features in all varients.

Even new fluidic verna is having across all of its 1.6 variants & that's too at Rs.60k less than corresponding fiesta.

People are interested in buying either base or top end variants of the cars & in that fronts New Verna & Vento truly wins' date=' the latter really wins hands down with its top end variant costing almost 70k cheaper than top-end verna & whopping 1 lakh cheaper than New Fiesta.

I already have a swift....

But he's referring to the new upcoming New Swift & it's going to be way different than current one interms of looks, performance, fuel efficiency & comfort.

Do check it out once it gets launched in our market.

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I would say go for the Verna 1.6 crdi base varient it will cost around 9 lakhs on road . The i20 steering rattle thing is too much made a fuss about I had it @ 2k kms now @13k kms its not there also no new owners are complaining about the steering rattle on the i20 . I will vouch that the AC is pretty average but the car is has nothing called as rattle . The cabin is so silent that I sometimes hear the brakes and turbo whistling .

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How about waiting for the upcoming Honda Brio?Maybe it can suit your needs better than others, and with a good 1.2 l i-vtec and peppy performance on offer this car can really win the battles.

About Verna 1.6,I'd say that the car id devoid of feelings and is quite short on something,what it is..I really don't know,but it is..

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