Idle Period, Diesel vs Petrol

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      I looks like I might be out of station for about 6 months in a period of 2 months. A friend of mine was saying, you can put petrol idle for long time and take off without issues but not diesel. I know its not good for any car to be idle for long time, but I can ask my dad to take a drive now and then however wanted to know more about this:

how much minimum days after, one should take diesel car out? how about petrol cars?

Is it ok if the car is taken out once in 2 weeks for both petrol and diesel?

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The main problem is you should remove the battery wire.

And the car should be kept empty(fuel) if planning to keep unused for more than a year. Apart from these, tyre pressure should be checked if morethan a month, and spark plugs should be cleaned if kept idle.

Basically a car can be used once in a two weeks too or even once in a month too. Diesel cars are famous for the cold start problem due to the combustion.

Whatever, once in a three week is advisable for both diesel and petrol version.

(Also prevent engine from the carbons)

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Do the following when leaving car for long.

1. Fill the air in tyres by about 10psi more than recommanded.

2. Buy napthol ball and place inside the car and in the engine compartment.

3. Disconnect the battery

4. Let the fuel level be lower as fuel expands and contracts overtime.

5. Cover the car and make sure that the car cover is not blown away by wind.

6. Keep the car in a dry and covered parking spot.


Now starting car after long time

1. Check all the wires and tube and see if any rats or rodent have eaten any.

2. Give the car a good wash and polish and clean the interior as the dust settles overtime.

3. Now connect the battery .

4. Don't crank the engine for more than 5 secs if it doesn't start.

5. Once started then go to the petrol pump and check the tyre pressure and fill fuel .

6. Avoid the car to be strained as the lubricant might have lost viscosity.


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Are these procedures applicable to very new car also?.. I mean the car would not even have finished first service, engine have not yet seasoned as it would not have run enough kms, etc. If I book a car now, and if get in 1.5 months (worst case) and 3rd month if I leave out of station, the car would have hardly run within 2k kms (me being a new driver).

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