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Where do you login first?  

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  1. 1. Where do you login first?

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   Now a days these Facebook etc etc things are expanding at their highest ever rates,every second person is a proud account holder on the Facebook or Orkut(real or fake,whatever they are)but here I have started this thread to compare what is the difference between our forum and the FB thing as well as of course,we are a different breed who have love for cars too which are just a status symbol for most of the Facebook users.The points of difference that I have felt are(Note:I have used the word Facebookers for the bla-bla type site members):-

1) Our forum members love to talk logical,Facebookers hate to do so. smiley11.gif

2) Our forum members love sharing the knowledge,Facebookers love to taunt if one is not having knowledge about anything.

3) Our forum members love the Bentley,the Facebookers love the daughter of Bentley's owner.

4) Many time I have seen our Facebooker guys fighting among themselves for saying the wrong thing wrong,its it there with our forum too?

5) For us people the pics of our ride are simply meant to be shared with our forum-mates,while for Facebookers the cars and bikes are a status symbol and meant for impressing girls/boys.

6) Nothing like fake accounts here.

7) Last but most important ACI Forum is a family,where nearly nobody knows each other but still we are good friends who are tied with a knot of enthusiasm,is there any such thing on Facebook?

AWAITING YOUR COMMENTS...... smiley1.gif

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One more:

8) I daily login on the ACI forum but have even forgot my password of Facebook and Orkut.ACI forum is my free time friend.

(Posted back to back because I was unable to edit my above post.@Mods:If possible please get the posts merged)

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Interesting topic there Vipul. I for one run away from Socil Networking.

Just checked it long time back after hearing all the hoopla, felt disgusted. The arena is filled with dumb, brainless people.


In comparison fora like ACI, etc. come as a breath of fresh air. You get to learn so much & interact with like-minded people.


Orkut was almost killed by Facebook & Twitter is for the fan-struck. That "following crap" & stuff. Also the limited words stipulation robs of what little it had.
BornFree2011-07-13 13:07:43
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I neither like or dislike social networking sites. One service I really like is Twitter.

Twitter is an extremely fast source of information on what is currently happening, like just now Mumbai blast and Twitter is flooded with its occurings and people putting up their contact details if anyone wants any help.

I had discovered Twitter, when a friend of mine needed blood urgently for his relative. He tweeted about the same, and also tagged some celebrities like Karan Johar Barkha Dutt etc. to help pass the message. He received multiple calls in minutes.

It is also good way to share links, keep up with blogs of your interests.

I follow @hormazdsorabjee and @renuks also there. Get very good and regular updates from them there.

I even convinced my father to come on Twitter

Not voting for any cos both are equally important to me BornFree2011-07-13 18:04:13

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Have an account of most of them. It has pro's and con's as Rahul has pointed out, it can be used as a tool in case of emergency, but it's being used as a 'hangout' for friends, which is good and networking is going to be real important when used properly. Have you tried the new kid on the block: 'Google +'?

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Yes, Google+ is something which has stirred up the market. It has a bit of all the social networks and some more. Been using it since day 1.

The interactiveness from Google employees and their response shows that they are finally set to get some success in the social world, after failure of Buzz and Wave

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There is more to twitter than just being for the star struck. Its a great place to share information and interact with interesting people, you share interests with. Also I sincerely doubt there is any faster form of communication out there than twitter. Rahul already posted a couple of examples of how twitter has been extremely helpful to people who use it properly.

Its by far my first preference over any other social network. ACI is dedicated towards discussing one particular interest that we all share wheras on twitter nothing is off limits. They are completely different and hard to compare.




BornFree2011-07-13 18:03:49
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So what's basically coming out for Twitter is that its a quick News portal. Following SRK, Tharoor, etc. maybe the present generation wants this. They want fast news & updates about their Celebs/Stars. I can't even think of following a Celeb to know when they bathed, what they ate or when they burped....!


This slew of Social Networking has deteriorated writing skills among users. More so for Twitter which advocates usage of only a few words. Marketing companies are using these media for their benifit in a big way.




Note to all: We don't encourage spread of personal information on the Board. If someone feels the need to do so, kindly use the services of PM.
BornFree2011-07-13 18:14:45
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Who is saying follow movie stars or celebrities. I follow knowledgeable people, like @bhogleharsha, or good tech sites like @techcrunch and @thenextweb

Following famous journalist, knowing their opinions helps increasing your awareness on more things.

And writing skills were not good much before that with SMS and online chatting.


Try Twitter for a while. If you would share your interests, I can also recommend some people to followrahul18102011-07-13 18:34:47

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@Raul, so news updates only on Cricket or gadgets, one & the same thing!


For Journos, ***** box is over-saturated & probably the fastest.


As a cherry topping, Im not into messaging either!


Also remember, Facebook/Orkut are mostly used as Dating portals. One can just guess the knowledge quotient.


I used Twitter for a while, then completely left it. I usually don't score things unless I've tried.
BornFree2011-07-13 18:38:21
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@BF There are people out there who use twitter for other things than following the lives of celebrities.

I follow tonnes of journalists, writers who constantly share their opinions, thoughts, written pieces with their follows and interact on a variety of topics.

A lot of journalists also realize how fast communication is and can be spread on twitter and use it so. An example of this was yesterday when a lot of journalists were using this medium itself to inform thousands of their followers about the updates of the blasts before they even reached television.

Also shared on twitter in info about pretty much any topic you hold an interest in. You just have to find the people who share your personal interests. I also follow a lot of humour writers and comedians because they can be very entertaining.

Another thing to note here is that twitter is probably the only social networking site that does not invade on your privacy.asethi9192011-07-14 08:53:01

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Well,in my views its the twitter which seems to be somewhat sensible out of all the social networking sites.Its not just celebs or terrorists who use the twitter,its a platform where everyone can put his/her views an an acceptable way and justify them.

While those Facebook,Orkut etc etc have some nonsense features like horoscope,that ball lady who predicts future etc etc are simply nonsense and brainless and their users do share their horoscope on their walls too... smiley7.gif

Just have a look at this link about facebook

While our ACI forum,as already mentioned by Bornfree is a platform where we all like-minded-people share our views in an enthusiastic way....what else do I want?

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Sethi, I agree but its a "fad" which shall die down sooner or later or overtaken by some other media. Its a mad race out there to get maximum followers, SRK has ~10L, Salman 8L, Tharoor so many & so on....


You get news as it arrives but there are plenty of other Media where News is flashed as soon as it appears. So, this doesn't sound very impressive.


If you understand the basic theme of Twitter, it is "What are you doing right now". Damn I don't care a dime what a Celeb or a Journo or a Scientist or a Writer, etc... is doing or not! What intersets me is their "work".


On exchange of sensible thoughts, wonder what material cna be shared on a limit of 140 letters only!
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What really causes interest is the "WORK",I am with you Bornfree(+1) for this thought,but I am against you too(-1)for the way you have mentioned the half fact about the thing.Simple as it sounds,Twitter tells us what one is doing.Can I consider it as a question of what is going on around us?Am I right?

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