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hai i have a Hyundai i20, i wish to fix projector head lamps for it, can any one tell me where it is available in tamil nadu?

if available any were, the website name please,

please tell me what to choose and what to look for?

approx pricing

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Hey there even I have an i20 and am going to fit projectors in about a year.

There are 2 types of ways you can fit a projector.

1. There are kits available which are cheap and easy to install but have average lifespan of 3 years . They are available ready made but don't give focussed light.

2. There are some shops which retrofit the projector to the customers tastes and can customise them in whatever way the customer wants .


The above links explain everything about projector headlamps.


You need anywere from 15-25k for a good projector retrofit.

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Both are good brands for projectors if you are going to order them ,then bargain before payment and ask for shipment insurance with the deal. Go for the 3' projector as it will fill the headlamp nicely . Good Luck!!

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