How much is your monthly running and what car?


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Hello friends,I know now a days I am starting a bit too much new threads but what to do in the free time..smiley4.gif

Actually right now I was going through some new-car-query threads and found a single question hidden in all of them,in fact this was the only question common in all the threads.What the question was?,let me tell you.The question was an age old question which can be heard as "What's your daily/monthly running?"

Based on this question most of us recommend any car/bike and present our views on that.AM I RIGHT?

If the running is too much then we recommend the diesel cars,while if the running is very low or somewhat moderate then we recommend the petrol cars.

There are many other means too like the diesel/petrol fuel decider like the one presented by our forum member Rssh in his signature.Which is a Diesel or Petrol car decider in itself and add convenience to us as well as the new buyer to make the decision more wisely.

Now let's get to the real point of mine in this thread,actually I thought that it would be better if we all members share here about our daily/monthly running and the car we are using for that.,it will be better if you mention your approximate fuel bills too. (Note:no service or maintainance costs here please)As this will help us gain more experience from our forum members and we will have a separate platform from where we can get the idea of any car/bike too and now we can have a transparent picture of the true expenses of any car/bike with the experiences of its true owner sharing with us.

TSiVipul2011-07-24 12:21:43

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Well firstly it will be myself,as usual:

My monthly running is as follows:

Three trips from Meerut to Jaipur:About 3000 kms.

Two trips from Meerut to Malerkotla(near Ludhiana-Punjab):About 2000 kms.

Three trips to Gurgaon,Dehradun:About 2000 kms.

One trip to Lucknow:About 1000 kms.

At least one trip to Tehri Dam:500 kms.

One trip to Jwala ji(Himanchal Pradesh):About 1000 kms(not sure because my father goes there not I).

and some trips which are just done like shopping etc etc:500kms.

So my net total monthly running(its the running of my cars,maybe my father or me or the car alone with driver because it drinks fuel in all three cases),running is about 10-11000 kms per month.

It may involve any of my cars either Innova or laura or i10.although since Laura is used by my father so mostly its Laura now.

And my fuel bills per month hovers somewhere around 45-46k.


Laura gives about 11 in City and 15 on highways(to my driver,for me do -1 or -2)so overall its about 13-13.5 kpl.Forgot to mention,my Laura is Petrol(TSI).

Innova gives about 11 in city and 15 on highways(To me because 90% its driven by me)so overall its nearly 13.

i10 gives about 12 in city and 16-17 on highways(50-50 me and driver)so overall its about 14-14.5 kpl.


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