All new Volkswagen Jetta - Now Launched

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Unpacked - VW Jetta for India

VW India will also flex its muscle and will try to redefine the C+ segment by launching the VW Jetta.

 Clearly there is no surprise when it comes to the exterior styling. It is exactly the same as the European Jetta. It is sort of like a VW Vento that has hit the gym and is now totally pumped up!

The new Jetta will be the sixth generation model based on a much larger platform than the old Jetta to liberate more space at the back. The car is partly based on the PQ35 platform which is the basis of many VW, Skoda and Audi cars.

The new Jetta will be powered by a 2 liter TDI mill that produces 140 bhp of max power. This is the same engine from the Skoda Laura and is quite well accepted for its performance, mileage and reliability.

VW India will launch it with a DSG gearbox and a 6 speed manual as well. Unlike the Passat which was launched only with a diesel engine, a turbocharged petrol engine will be available on the new Jetta.

If the Passat launch was anything to go by, we can expect some really cool gizmos and features on the Jetta. We expect 3 variants to be launched.

? Highline Specs: 140 Bhp 2.0 TDI + Cruise control + Leather interiors with trim options + Touch screen with Bluetooth and USB + Sunroof + 8 Airbags + DSG Gearbox + ESP + Parktronic

? Comfortline Specs: 140 bhp 2.0 TDI + Manual transmission + Touch screen player with Bluetooth and USB + 6 Airbags + leather interior + ESP + Parktronic

? Trendline Specs: 140 bhp 2.0 TDI + Manual transmission + simple music player + 6 Airbags + fabric interior + ESP + Parktronic

However the Bluemotion variant will NOT be launched on the Jetta in India any time soon. There is some more bad news as well. The VW Jetta will come to India in form of a CKD meaning prices will not vary drastically. However, because the competition from Cruze, Laura, Corolla and the new Civic will be stiff, VW India will be very careful about the pricing.

The old Jetta did not manage to eat into sales of the Corolla, Laura or the Civic. But then again, at that point of time VW India was just starting up and did not have any special expertise in India. This time around, the game has changed. VW India is one of the fastest growing company in India (and the world as well). The company is setting markets on fire with product launches, ad campaigns discounts and financing schemes.

The product is definitely potent. Now the pricing will decide its future.

Source: IAB



ashikawa2011-07-25 05:32:18

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Old Jetta was pretty pricey for what it offered and engines were no great shakes either. Hope they keep the price sensible. I have a guess' date=' it would be edging 20L OTR.[/quote'] The present on road prices are as under(On road Mumbai).

15,13,397 Trendline Petrol

16,59,084 Trendline Diesel

18,46,245 Comfortline Diesel

So we can expect it to be around 20L.

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There is trendline and comfortline variants,what about the highline one?

I think now we can expect a price hike of 1.5-2 lacs for the new Jetta,if this is done then I think again the car is going to be on the pricey side,which is not good keeping sales in mind.

Hoping this is priced sensibly.


Any idea if there is a facelift for Laura in near future?TSiVipul2011-07-26 11:42:33

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Volkswagen Jetta variants and equipment

If  you remember correctly was the first website to bring you brief details of New Jetta. Prior to this scoop, we revealed that the Indian Jetta, unlike the bigger Passat, will not come in bluemotion avatar. Between these two posts, we aired a set of spy shots sent in by our reader Venkatesh Shreyas in Karnataka while the Jetta was in testing mode. It

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I do not know how many Indians will accept this signature design statergy adapted by VW.This may be acceptable by B and C Segment customers.But D ,E segment customers may not like this statergy for external styling.Laura is two steps aheade than Jetta in terms of looks.Now i can see only VW Beettle ,Phaeton and touareg is diffrent in style.

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The car looks average considering the vento-like appearance. I am planning to buy a car in this segement, really confused whether the Jetta was worth the wait in comparison to the cruze and laura. I love the way cruze and laura drives, cockpit design of the cruze looks great, features are outstanding, materials used may not be upto the mark but thats hardly a concern.

Is it true that the ground clearance of this car is only 139mm!!!or is it just a misprint?? On indian roads the car will have a rough time

Calling all gurus and pandits of the automotive world kindly help me in deciding the perfect c+ segment car that has the best compromise of performance, handling, features and comfort. I am looking for an AT diesel engine. Personally i had shortlisted cruze, laura and jetta. If there is any other car i should consider feel free to add to the list. So far I am inclined towards the jetta possibly because its a new car and has the same engine as the laura.


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@devilspeed: Is there an alternative to what you have mentioned? Yes. Hyundai Sonata CRDI AT. Would I recommend it? No! It's in the last leg in this avatar. I have driven the manual, it is stress free to drive and has acres of space and kit, but is pretty expensive for a car that sells in single digits every month. Ideally, if something like a clearance sale comes on and they bring it down to some 10L otr would be worth a look, but not at the present prices.

@guillame: VW is a luxury brand in the Indian market and they want to maintain that so they bring only the top of the pop's iteration's of the Jetta and Passat and price it sky high.

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I think so, the Laura/Octavia is older but more generous, it's a very good deal.

I think The Jetta competes with the Passat. It doesn't sell very well here unlike the Passat. Because there is not a significant price difference, especially with the 2.0 TDi...

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New Jetta Prices in Mumbai with octroi

2.0 TDI Trendline

Ex-Showroom Price:Rs.14,54,318.00

Registration Charges:Rs.1,28,345.00


Incidental Expenses:Rs.5,000.00

On Road Price:Rs.16,43,532.00

2.0 TDI Comfortline

Ex-Showroom Price:Rs.15,95,724.00

Registration Charges:Rs.1,39,658.00


Incidental Expenses:Rs.5,000.00

On Road Price:Rs.18,01,348.00

2.0 TDI Highline

Ex-Showroom Price :Rs.17,52,290.00

Registration Charges:Rs.1,52,183.00


Incidental Expenses:Rs.5,000.00

On Road Price:Rs.19,76,083.00

2.0 TDI Highline AT

Ex-Showroom Price :Rs.18,33,998.00

Registration Charges:Rs.1,58,720.00


Incidental Expenses:Rs.5,000.00

On Road Price:Rs.20,67,273.00

ashikawa2011-08-26 15:55:29

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