I Swear - on safe driving


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"Drive carefully, the life you save may be your own" sorry to hijack SG sirs words, but looking at the accidents at our forum, lets take the following oth and if possible, as member Ashikawa said, should be made a tick mark while getting entry into our forum.


Let us all swear,

I will never drink and drive.


I will never overspeed in city/ traffic area.


I will never rashdrive.


I will adhere to traffic rules.


No more stunts on public roads.


Will pay extra caution on rainy drives.


Wear Seatbelt/ Helmet.


Will go an extra mile to buy ABS/Airbag version.


Wont take unwanted sudden lanechange.


No more tailgating.


Will know my vehicle's limits before pushing her to her limits.


Give preference to Pedastrians/ Cyclists.
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