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A BIG ZERO post by Recognized Contributors, Special Licencees, Mods and other seniors.My sincere thanks to spammers like ppaker, lovehipr for posting atleast  spams in our forum today.[/quote']


Well I would tend to disagree on the Mods. part because we had our work cut out thanks to the spammers!smiley4.gif


Guess Schools/Colleges have opened after summer break & are keeping the members involved.
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@Creativebala - I am sorry to say that before commenting on others participation you should look at your posting habits.If I remember correctly nowadays you don't post that often as you used to be 8-9 months ago.Other members have excuse but whats your excuse for that?

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A great step forward by you.smiley32.gif
I don't have any complains from you because at least you have thought of the cause and its remedies.


One complain from my side too and I am serious about it:
Its okay that I post daily,even my toll too shows 4+ posts per day,but does that mean that I am an attention seeker?Does that mean that I play foul games on the forum?
Some members(or one member) have said it and I want them to justify his words here in front of mods/administrators(this is not a personal attack,but is a complain against one).
I will keep on posting,weather anyone else does or not,I won't stop until I am banned.




Post edited.

Note from ACI-Support: No personal comments against anyone on the Board & nobody can force anyone for active participation, its ones own sweet will.
BornFree2011-08-06 08:19:55
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Oops,sorry sir,if you find it wrong then get the post removed whenever you want.

What I just want to say is that,MEMBERS MUST BE ACTIVE AT THEIR PLACE,if you know anything then share it with others happily and if you don't then don't feel ashamed and ask it,like I do...smiley36.gif

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