Wiper Bouncing Problem

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Hi All,


It's raining heavily in Mumbai and if your car wipers do not sweep smoothly rather bounce over car windscreen it is very risky at times.


The wipers were gliding smoothly over windscreen until I cleaned the screen with Colin. May be I removed a company provided gliding coat from wind screen while cleaning it with Colin.


The bigger wiper now bounces over the wind screen a little bit and leaves hazy water marks over screen.


If I sprinkle soap water  thru nozzles and then clean it does not bounce.


Can the coat be provided again? My car is Hyundai i10 Magna,Kappa2.



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Don't use any micro-waxes on the windscreen.  Wash the windscreen with Bug&Tar window cleaner or powdered Boric acid and water.  Finish with any good cleaner that contains a bit of ammonia Nh3 and buy new wipers.

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