National Register e-Services of Registered Vehicle


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National Register: Data from the different State Registers

situated at State Data Centers flow to the National Register. Selected

information has been envisaged to be captured at the national level. The

National Register will act as a central repository of all crucial data /

information. This will also enable users to avail the service on

"Anywhere Service" basis. National Register will provide information to


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Very good information you have provided. But unfortunately this database only shows information about vehicles registered in such state where computerisation of vehicle data is done. Unfortunately you won't find any Mumbai registered vehicle there. Whearas details of vehicle registered outside Mumbai municiple corporation are available.

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The idea is a good one, but there seems to be a lot of delay in pooling and updating the data from various state sites. 


None of my three four-wheelers (including the two year old Xylo) and one two-wheeler (21 year old) can be tracked from this site. 


More often than not, such lofty ideals and very good ideas end up like this.

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 Want to add some more information on this:



VAHAN - Transportation Initiatives: Ministry of Road Transportation & Highways in consultation with National Informatics Centre (NIC) is implementing the National Transport Project at all the RTOs/DTOs across the country. This is one of the Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan.

NICONYM> was entrusted the task to standardize and deploy the software VAHAN for Vehicle Registration and SARATHI for Driving Licence and compilation of data with respect to Vehicle Registration and Driving License of all the states at State Register and National Register.

VAHAN - an ICT based solution for Vehicle Registration, and SARTHI - one stop solution to Licensing are conceptualized to capture the functionalities as mandated by Central Motor Vehicle Act (CMVA) 1988 as well as State Motor Vehicle Rules.

Modules of VAHAN

  • Vehicle Registration

  • New Vehicle Registration

  • Renewal of Vehicle Registration

  • Transfer of Ownership

  • Change of Address, removal of hypothecation etc.

  • Permit & Taxes

  • Issue of National Permit & All India Tourist Permit

  • Renewal of Permit

  • State-specific Road Tax calculation & collection

  • Fitness

  • Issue of fitness certificate

  • Renewal of fitness certificate

  • Enforcement

  • Issue of Challan

  • Settlement of penalty amount

Modules of SARATHI

  • Licences

  • Issuance of new Learner Licences (LL)

  • Issuance of new Driving Licence (DL)

  • Renewal of Driving License

  • Issuance of duplicate DL

  • Addition of the new class for the existing DL

  • Issuance of International Driving Permit

  • Special permissions for CC/NOC, hazardous & hill driving, and badge etc.

  • Issuance of Driving Licence for diplomats

  • Application for Change of Address etc.

ashikawa2011-08-03 04:36:16
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