Corolla Altis D-4D bought.

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On a lighter note,

So finally you fell in love with wife(Altis D4-D) with whom you're Arrange married as per your Dad's wish. smiley1.gif

That minor scratch bits/imperfections are actually a part & parcel of extensive usage & it actually shows the latter.

Another fact about Toyota Altis D4-D which I came across a day back,'Its the Quietest Diesel sedan in the country today'.

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@Dr Nishu:

guy now I understood that why arranged marriages are quite more successful as compared to the love ones.

In love marriage we see nothing except love while in arranged ones we see everything except love and are told-first marry and then start loving..smiley36.gif

Same was with me too,I got the car+9000 bucks and was asked to go to Jaipur and then Dehradun and then Chandigarh and after all three trips I still had 2300 in my hand and I spent the money for other purposes also,while with the Laura 9000 was impossible.

So this Rs 2-2.5/km made me love the Corolla,see first marriage and then love.

About quietest diesel sedan I'd say that a Laura TDI is still quieter.Rest is upon your experience as I have sat in Laura TDI quiet less.

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Yesterday night at about 11:00(I was solving EMMI(electrical measurements and measuring instruments)problems and my father was working)rang my father's phone,the uncle was on the other side.I didn't knew what's the matter but after the call ended,my father said "Beta if you are free then please go to Ambala with uncle,uncle's daughter has lost her purse on the bus stand there(it had money as well as mobile phone).

I:"On bus stand,in the midnight!!Why?How?"

Okay I am leaving(actually the girl is my GF but our fathers don't know it smiley2.gif)

So full of JOSH,I left for Ambala at about 11:10 am in the Corolla,and returned back at about 5:50 am today.Although there was fog but still the emergency always rules the head so I did even 170 kph today(its a fact that nobody will want to leave his/her daughter on a bus stand for a whole night especially when she is beautiful and have no money with her),Toyota says that Corolla gives 20+,but today I haven't even got 15 kpl overall while the whole journey was highway only,have a look at this:


After returning I slept at uncle's house itself and on waking up,thought of taking some pics of my car,here are those:

In a foggy weather,two hours of being parked are enough to make the car wet:


Don't know from where came this mud:


My new seat covers:


Don't know what the guy did,see the way he put the cover on rear center arm rest,still my father left him,if I would have been there then he wouldn't have been paid until the finishing is perfect:


There are lot of cubby holes,really some smart storage spots:


The way I catch the gear lever,actually I love the finishing of this gear lever:


Sorry for low quality pics,but now a days I am using a 2 MP camera equipped Nokia phone.TSiVipul2011-11-05 04:12:31

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Now you have started to love your Corolla much more than your  Ex-GF, so any plan of your id becoming D4-DVipul?

You seem to take care of your car well, but do pay attention to minor scratches too. So many scraches on a new vehicle, I couldn't sleep the whole night I got the first scratch on our spark, though its very small under bumper for 2-3mm.

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A lovable journey for your love in a recently found love. smiley2.gif

Anyways, yours this Corolla D-4D thread is getting much interesting than other Formally laid out ownership threads.

One of my Good friend is also having Pre-facelift Altis D-4D & he's extremely satisfied with it & she delivers him 22kmpl on his Highway trips.

So many scraches on a new vehicle' date=' I couldn't?sleep the whole night I got the first scratch on our spark, though its very small under bumper for 2-3mm.

IMHO, In today's Trafficky situations, one can't get rid of this completely. So it'll be more painful if you'll get fastidious & possessive about your cars.

Better is to focus on their Interiors(Cleanliness, Hygiene & its Customization), where you spend most of the time in it.

A Well appointed Interior can be as soothing as 'Spa' in a car.

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Already contacted mods for the same purpose,to get me D-4D,but then I was told that it can't be done.So now I can have D-4d only in my signature.

Although there is no careless attitude ever shown towards the car but since it sometimes go to the construction sites,in dense city traffic and sometimes some silly mistakes by us too and hence those scratches are quite usual deal.

About the first scratch,my case was totally different.My first one was on the bumper when our chauffeur Mr.Ramesh made it hit the gate but what my father did is he just smiled and said "leave it,gaadi agar chalegi to lagegi hi(if the car is running then dents are quite usual)".and with a slight smile I took the driver seat and parked the car.

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@Dr Nishu:

Yeah the journey was quite great with me alone spending a sleepless night with both others sleeping on the rear seat(now you can call me a chauffeur,but I asked them to be seated on rear seat if they want to sleep)driving in the dense fog and getting frequent surprises and small heart-attacks and at last what I got was a 'thanks' in a sweet voice..smiley7.gif,see how nice my journey was..smiley18.gif,if you want such journeys then you can contact me.(Please don't mind,the last line is just for fun)

About thread I don't know,but what I believe is that an ownership thread does not need to be formal at all,at least this is where a person can show himself in a true manner.So is me,with my personal thought( one of my personally made ethics)"BE CAREFUL ONLY WHEN YOU REALLY NEED TO BE,ELSE CARELESSNESS HAS A JOY OF ITSELF".

About the FE,I have already mentioned that this car gives me an overall of nearly 20-21 in normal driving conditions with 100% A/C.And also the driving speeds are also quite high too.

In terms of dents and scratches,the I too believe that these are normal until the car is running,its better to take care of interiors ans the luxury feel comes from interiors not exteriors.

After driving in dense fog for 100+ kms,now I deserve to start a fog-driving-instructions thread.TSiVipul2011-11-07 09:50:07

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After driving in dense fog for 100+ kms' date='now I deserve to start a fog-driving-instructions thread.[/quote']

'Shubh kaam mein deri kaisi'(Why to delay for a noble cause).

Start it soon, else the thoughts will evaporate.

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