Brakes screeching ,AGAIN!!

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I recently changed the brake pads for my punto and since then i've noticed that the screeching noise has started to occur while braking.

As far as i can feel its only coming from the right front brakes.

I've driven the car nearly 500-700km after the replacement and still i hear that noise (very strange).

This is more obvious and audible when i take the car out after its parked for the night or parked for a long time.

(This did not occur when i had the old pads until it wore out completely)

I've tried cleaning the disks with water(i always do while washing) but it has no effect.

I took it to the showroom and the mechanics say its the pads and they need to wear out a bit to suite the curvature of the disks and till then this noise is imminent..(But isnt 500km a long time to get used to this?).

This time when i go i'd like to be armed with more info ..

Can anyone please give me some ideas.


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When you changed the pads did you cut the disc?  If not, then the noise is caused by a fine layer of crystallization in the disc surface.  I should have mentioned it first but did  you use a good quality disc?  Lubricate the caliper retainers? 

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I took it to the showroom for a change..

I was with the mechanic all the while and none of what you have said was done.


The pads were bought off the the local counter ,old pads removed, new pads attached.

And a bit of beading done with the brakes and they set me off.

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I think make sure the wheels are balanced and with the right amount of air pressure and also depending on what your rotors look like or whether you are going to have them cut you may opt for a softer pad that not effect on performance level.

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