Tyre Change in Ford Fiesta 1.4 EXI

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Hello Everyne,


I am new to this forum and i joined this as i found it very useful.


I have a 2008 Ford Fiesta EXI Petrol with MRF ZV2K tubeless stock tyres..


I have done 40k kms in these and 1 of them is patched as it was a big puncture and from the other i am getting  steering vibrations. The third one i put a tube in as there was an emergency.


Now, i need to change the tyre that gives vibrations at any speed. The steering tilts left and then back when driven at less than 10km/hr.


The current config is :



FRONT RIGHT - TUBE put in the tubeless as it had many punctures



REAR RIGHT - PATCHED tyre. Yesterday it was flat, got pressure checked. Its fine uptil now.


STEPNEY - The tyre which gave vibrations on the steering.


Plz suggest, what should i do?


Buy one tyre and place it where?


Buy 2 tyres OR buy all four tyres?


Which brand do i go for here? I just need comfortable smooth ride and around 50-55k kms on the new ones..


I am not very keen on spending loads and not much aware about this. Please help guys!!




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BornFree2011-08-11 05:22:30

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Since three of them are still MRF ZV2K,then I'd recommed you to go for the fourth one too the same.

If you are in a mood of buying two,then its even better.Buy the two,same ZV2Ks and get them placed in the front.

If you can spend for all four then I'd advise you to go for Bridgestone Turanzas.

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Since your car is above 3-3.5 years old & 40k kms driven, so I guess the problem seems to be with the Hardening of the Rubber compound of the tyres due to these & MRF tyres rubber is already hard as compared to Brigestones or Michelins while New.

So better is to Switch to New Set of 4 tyres, probably a Brigestone(if you drive on mixed type of roads) or Michelins or Yokohamas(only if your remains confined to Smooth roads only).

Keep the best tyre from the current set as a Stepney tyre.


Misalignment & improper balancing of the wheels also seems to be an issue here. Do check this out too.

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