Beat Petrol vs Swift Petrol

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Hi Guys,

I am looking to buy a car but getting really confused.

Here is my confusion:

1. Whether to buy Beat Petrol or Swift Petrol?

Beat Petrol has good looks and its cheaper than Swift

but has lower resale value, in case I have to sell car after 2-3 yrs.

Please suggest on what basis should I take the decision.

Thanks in advance.

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go for swift petrol vxi , if budget is tight, and if you can extend it to 6 lakhs, you can get jazz base model at that price.

both swift and jazz are the best hatches in today's market, in terms of vfm,premium interiors, resale value.

with swift- cheaper mainteinance, higher resale, service center in every part of india, ease of driving in interiors and looks, great features too.

problems- can't seat 5 comfortably, still cramped rear seats, maruti cars are known to rattle and squeak 2-3 years after you bring them home.

with jazz

- class leading space, more cabin space than many sedans like fiesta,linea, etc. rear leg space same as that of city, which is the class leader in c segment,

premium interiors, don't know how the new black and beige turn out like, but I still find my titanium/black interiors better than many cars above 10 lakhs too.

RECLINING REAR seats- hope this clears out that the jazz is unmatched when it comes to rear passenger comfort .

both are loaded with features now, maruti has little more features , a couple or so.

If I were you, between beat and swift, I would close my eyes and go for swift.( bigger, racier , refined and well serviced than beat)

Still . the jazz is a much superior car to the swift, so if you can stretch your budget for a better product, the choice is yours.

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There is a big difference in the price of two cars and so in features and specification .so it depends more on your budget .If you have to drive mosly in city  you can buy even beat diesel at the price of swift petrol which will be more economical in running cost but there is big difference in the power of two cars. So it all depends on your budget .Anyways swift is presently the benchmark in the premium hatchback segment.

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