Barack Obama's 1.1 million $ Bus

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The bus is made to serve the same purpose and the extra space in the given is used to increase its productivity which provides the President with a meeting room,  a rest-room, blood bank, maybe a small pantry to provide food, it will be equipped with the up to date telecom and satellite system and many more things which are unknown even to the closet of his aides at the White House. Not to mention that this jet black bus will be bomb proof, bullet proof, chemical attack proof and will have puncture proof tyres.

The bus is built by a Canadian motor coach builder

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1.1 million dollars for this super armored bus, an undisclosed amount for  The Beast, commonly known as the Limo one/ Cadillac one, which is a real life "bat mobile" super car by itself. Phenomenal.

Clearly, the roads in the states are really big , good and safe enough for presidents to travel with a massive cavalcade of 24 odd support cars and bikes.

here in India, one finds the blatant use of choppers , defended by our "upright and ethical" politicians as helping in keeping up up with the timely progress of the state. No wonder the very same lot has little interest in creating similar roads in our country, be it cities or country side.

The world's no.1 job surely has its perks.

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