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I have shifted to a new city and got myself a new Vodafone connection.I thought it will be breeze using its network( I have been using  a vodafone/hutch for  nearly 10 years).But twice I have to submit documents and I had to visit Vodafone showroom countless times so that my connection is not disconnected yet I am recieving message again that my documents are rejected and my connection is disconnected.The irony is that I got my connection from Vodafone store itself whose staff are good as Government Babus( even they are much better in respect to service) and they verified each document.

This is sort of service I am getting from so called number 2 company than I am better of with BSNL.Its really pathetic situation with Vodafone guys charging 50p/3min to talk to a customer service represntative- What a joke.

GOLF2011-08-20 17:30:55
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Yes even in Bombay their network isnt as great as it use to be. Even GPRS speed has slowed down and their BBM services is among the worst (personal experience)


Golf you can call them on 198 or 197 (sorry don't remember that) its a toll free number for handling complains.
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