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Ridiculous mileage and performance Figo Petrol

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Mileage of my 6 months old (2800 kms) Figo is pathetically low. I

checked several times using the full-tank method. It is not more than

8km/lt in city. During the first service I asked the service adviser

about it. He said there is no setting for increasing mileage in the car


I checked everything: Gear change ratios, tire pressure and all.

The car is also drastically underpowered. Can't climb a slope properly, unless I put it on first gear.

I heard that some people are getting more mileage from the Figo Petrol.

May I request you to share the secret behind this? Or is there anything

wrong with my one.

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I would advice you to change the fuel filter and tell the ASS to check the fuel pump pressure . Also tell the service centre to make a FE run by using tankful to tankful method in front of you .

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Fuel consumption depends on so many parameters and to a great extent depends on the driving habits of the user. Normally the Engine will deliver power at a very economical fuel consumption in the following bands -


0-20 Km/Hr - 1st Gear

20-40 Kms/Hr - 2nd Gear

40-60 Kms/Hr - 3rd Gear

60-80 Kms/Hr - 4rth Gear

80 Kms/Hr and above - 5th Gear

Above data defers case to case

Secondly also even if you fill the tank full, and drive the car till the fuel tank is empty, the pattern of driving i.e long distance/short distance stoppage contribute to the performace of fuel consumption.


Condition of Air filter, Spark Plugs  plays a very cital role in this


Additionally you can get the consumption checked accurately by fuel econometer which may be available with the dealers.



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Well,I know that many of you will dislike this comment of mine,but still:-


In case the Ford guys hear you,then give them the same respect that they are giving,else ask the service advisor to come with you at a corner ask him to give a good FE out of your car and if he refuses,then give him a very tight slap and then see how the A.S.S. of the Ford changes and your car gets repaired,also use your e-mail service too.

Because 8km/lt is quite too less as my Laura too delivers 7-8 when in city with 100% A/C and I am sure Figo delivers more than a Laura TSI.

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Driving habits play an important role in FE. Assuming you have no such faults, I would suggest you to empty the tank once(by drivingsmiley17.gif) and fill in from some other reputed pump. If things do not improve you can ask the A$$ to change the fuel filters. Sometimes bad quality fuel spoils FE, even in new cars.

Secondly, You will not get very good FE till your car crosses the run-in period, say 5000km, after which FE increases. So no need to worry. Wait and see. Use a light foot for the first 5000km as well. No high revs and quick accelerations.  

Third, wrong usage of AC sometimes dip FE. Check the manual for correct AC usage.

Fourth, since your car has not crossed the run-in period, try not to drive with engine cold. Idle for a minute before starting the car for the day. A warm engine gives better efficiency.

Last but not the least, Figo is much less efficient that other cars in the segment keeping aside Punto 1.2 and Fabia petrol. So do not expect anything above 9-11kmpl in city.

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