Remembering Disco


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Its has been  nearly 30 years since Disco music went out of mainstream music.The music from Disco era are the most popular till this day and were sang by many small bands.The music from Disco era are the most melodious IMO and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.If it had been for Disco many of Bollywood songs from 1970s and Disco Dancer movie  wouldn't have existed.But this popularity of Disco was hard to digest for Rock Music community and its affiliated  radio station which started a campaign to defame Disco music resulting in the infamous Disco demolition  night of 1979 targeted the Disco music and resulted in decline of Disco music in 1980s in USA.

IMO The end of Disco has resulted a kind of music which is very digesting and the the singers are known more for their acts outside than for music.

The Disco though is now in history books but a variant of this now slowly gaining ground - Dance music .

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