ANHC Ownership Report

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Why a New car?

My first car was a Maruthi 800 bought in Jun-1998 and I sold it in Mar-2003 when my son turned one year old. I had to get a bigger car which was bit more safer than 800 as we used to travel from Bangalore to Palaghat on a regular basis.. So we bought Accent Viva - Petrol in Nov -2003. The Viva was a good car to drive on the Highway.. very peppy and had good handling. With time as with all car it started giving signs of ageing.. So started the process of shortlisting the new car of the family...

What Car?

Considering the fact that the family had gone up from 3 to 4, with the addition of my daughter.. and also that my son was growing fast (man the kids these days grow up really fast)... we wanted a bigger car which had enough leg room at the back and also had all the safety features and has better highway manners, we really travel a lot on the highway to our native in palaghat.. I then started to chalk down my requisites, it became very evident that I needed a car which is fun and safe to drive and of course petrol/diesel was not in question.

Test Drive

Ford Fiesta - 1.6 Duratech SXi (Petrol)

   What I liked:

       Good Powerful engine

       The Steering felt very solid.       

   What I didn't like:

       Fit and Finish.

       Heard from my friends that the after sales service is not good.. and spares are very pricey..       

Honda Jazz

   What I liked:

       Very Roomy interiors.

       Good build quality, I was dumb struck when I sat inside.

       Magic Seats - It is very cool..

       Good Honda Engine, especially after the torque kicks in

       Beautiful looks

   What I didn't like:

       It's too pricey for a hatch.. this was before the price cut..

       A noisy engine during low revs

       Very short equipment list for the price.


   What I liked:

       GC Is really good..

       Good engine...

   What I didn't Like:

       uncomfortable back-seat ride (Important because I need to drive with 4/5 people consistently)

       Overall not plush Ride

       looks doesn

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Hearty congratulations dear on your third car.  I wish you guys three more,

Nice review.  After a long time, I saw a short and good review.  I wish you write more often here on your City, so that many prospective premium-hatch buyers might be tempted to jump into the City bandwagon.


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Thanks for your comments rameshbabu.n and sb-alto... will update the drive exp at 500 kms.. Will also post some more photos..

As of now the more of drive "Silvino" more I fall in with her... It is a amazingly built car..

I am getting a mileage of 15/16 KMPL as per the avg FE meter.. Have also noticed that when I at 5th Gear and at constant 70-80.. the instant FE meter shows around 22 KMPL... which is awesome... smiley32.gif

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Hi, first of congrats for "The Silvino". It is one of my favourite car. You must be knowing, the FE meter is bit optimistic by 10%, check the F.E. on Full Tank to Full tank method. Though you are in run-in period, the F.E. may not be constant or varies. But once you are done away with run in period, you will get correct F.E. figures.. However the driving pleasure is ultimate in City and no car can match it. All the best and happy driving.

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Congrats alot on getting the New-'Silvino'.

ANHC is really a great car & thankgod Indian people have again started recognizing the true potential of Honda City, previously which was eclipsed by its High price & Consistently increasing fuel prices.

Do update us with its Fuel efficiency & Ownership costs regularly.

Congrats once again. smiley32.gif

Have a happy Motoring ahead.

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