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About the launch of the Mahindra XUV500, the media speculated the launch being at the end of December 2011. But I came across the ICB sites which stated the launch of the SUV on September 28. Bookings will hence open since then and delivery of the vehicles to the customers will commence on October 7 or 8.

Source: http://www.indiancarsbikes.in/cars/mahindra-xuv500-global-suv-launch-28th-september-2011-icb-exclusive-48137/

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Haven't you recognised a fact here.

M&M wanted to continue it's tradition of naming it's products ending with an 'O'.

Hence it has called it as X-U-V 5 Double 'O' instead of calling it 'XUV Five Hundred'.

That's funny , so if we spell the entire word it will become  Xuvfiveoo . smiley36.gif

We all know quite well what it mean by SUV , MUV , UV etc...  I wonder what it mean by XUV ?  

I feel M&M is being symbolic and trying to say with X before UV that this is not UV from M&M.

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i'm sure we'll eventually hold on to just 500 and pronounce it as "five hundred".


X for Generation X

UV  for Utility Vehicles

5 for this being the fifth car in their line-up (other four being Bolero, Scorpio, Xylo & Verito)

00 for style and to signify that this is the first car of the new series. Hence subsequently we can expect cars named 501, 502, etc.

Personally I feel they might like to call it the Mahindra 5 Series.. Lol

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Mahindra XUV500 launch on 28 September

Mahindra recently revealed the name of their highly anticipated World

SUV as the XUV500 (pronounced 5 double-oh). The new SUV will hit the

showrooms on the 28th of September.  To be powered by a higher output

variant of the 2.2-liter mHawk engine mated with a six speed tranny, the

XUV 500 will be loaded to the gills with features and technology. The

seven seater SUV will have advanced tech such as traction control,

Electronic Stability Progarmme, Cruise Control, all-four disc brakes and

rain sensing wipers available on the top end variant of the car.

The XUV500 is also expected to offer a tilt and telescopically

adjustable steering wheel, automatic headlamps, and daytime running LED

lights as some of its unique features. The car will be available in both


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The launch may happen between Sep 28 and Oct 7.

There is lot's of speculation regarding the launch date but one thing is confirmed that this is going to be present at the Johannesburg International Motor Show which begins on 6th Oct.This could be launched in India and SA simultaneously.

This has been confirmed on the basis of a letter by a senior official in M&M .Crazy Doc2011-09-17 08:26:48

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