XUV500 Launched


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Even if they increase prices by 50k it's still cheap.There could be another version,a lower end version with steel rims was spied many a times probably six months down the line we will see that coming to seal the fate of Aria's and the boring toyotas. Stunned by the pricing and looks Toyota's and other competitor's PR guys are working really hard on all auto forums including ours,shame on you toyota fan boys.Just saw a toyota fanboy post on another forum"fortuner is decades ahead in styling."Wonder which decade these fanboys are from.Yes the bumper is a little bit over done but show me a better looking suv in the range of 25L.Crazy Doc2011-09-29 06:50:38

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Wow, the only word I could use for this masterpiece....I am really happy to see this car on roads finally (as so far I have been watching it out on roads all the time covered with black dirty sheath)

Well the project XUV is covered on platform W***(MnM code) and keeping in mind Santa fe as the main rival.

and also MnM has already planned for the next variant which is will be by powered by 160 hp engine.

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With so much Futuristic yet aggressive styling XUV 500 will definitely turn this segment upside down.

My first observation after being its launch is that, it've made the Aria looking dated with its Mega-Van like looks infront of this Hi-tech gadget loaded cheetah.

Aggressive pricing have already added woes to not only Aria, instead it've challenged 2.2 VTT Safari & Innova also.

So, Mahindra better prepared to hold the long booking queues for this shining beast.dr_nishu2011-09-29 22:02:33

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The low price is a clever marketing gimmick ...

This is what they did when Xylo was launched in mid-Jan/2009. 

I booked it on the very second day after I saw it in Chennai and

got my Xylo E8 in the very first lot sent to Hyderabad.  At the

so-called `invitational price'.


Soon after the first 5,000 bookings or so, they have increased the price.

And, since then, as far as I remember, they have increased it 5 times,

so far.  This time around too, they are likely to follow the same methodology.


Moreover, unlike in the case of Xylo, this is being marketed at very many

global markets.  On CNBC, Pawan Goenka was very candid about the

pricing in those markets.  He said that it will NOT be a "cost plus"  

pattern but a "market driven" pricing based on the competition. 

That means, more profit per vehicle, highly variable, from those markets.


Looks like M&M have come a long way in these matters.


rameshbabu.n2011-09-30 02:58:01
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M&M has hit the nail in the head this time..smiley32.gif

Guess what,they have got a good looking(in fact very aggressive looking)product,more refinement,more premium feeling and at a down to earth price.

After the Xylo I was really expecting something like this to happen some day and this UV really seems to have the intentions of giving nightmares to the competition.

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Is the base model 4x2 only?

the XUV500 price range starts at ex-showroom Delhi - Rs.10.80Lacs for the W6 model, Rs.11.95Lacs for the W8 2WD model and Rs.12.88Lacs for the W8 All Wheel Drive (AWD) model.

Source Mahindra website. I have already given the link on page three. Yes base is W6 which is 4x2 then comes the better spec 4x2 W8 and the ultimate W8 AWD.Durango Dude2011-09-30 17:16:20

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So essentially a difference of 2L for Four wheel drive.?

Will have to see whether its an all time AWD or selective/adaptive.

The New XUV500 is having Adaptive 4WD system.As ordinarily its having FWD layout in 2WD mode while whenever the Rear Wheels starts losing the traction, the Crown differential brings Rear Wheels into action.

Its offered in its top-end variant W8 only with the difference of Rs.1 lakh rupees between these 2 & 4WD option packs.

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The pricing is really attractive considering the overall appeal and equipment.

If we analyse threats to other companies because of XUV500 , Captiva seems the main target.

Innova has already reaped the benefits and still people who wants Innova

will not look elsewhere and Fortuner has entirely different appeal

which is attracting upmarket consumers so the sales of Innova as well as

Fortuner will affect marginally. 

Aria sales are already lukewarm and Aria have not generated much interest like XUV500 because of it's high price and it's brand image.

Captiva's sales will be affected the most as both XUV500 and Captiva are similar in many factors interms of interior , exterior ,size and technical specs.



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XUV 500 won't spare anyone including the toyotas,the facelifted innova is even more vanish that will create a lot of problem for them, but mnm's production capacity is very small so others should not be worried for the moment . Already bookings have crossed 8500 in the first day itself that too from just 4 cities .No other cars in the 10+L category enjoyed such a response.

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