Features you didn't know existed in your car!

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We all think we know everything about our car if not there is always a car manual to look into.But sometimes we stumble upon certain things about our car which is not even mentioned in our car manual.

For me the ORVM  in  my swift turning the opposite way was a revelation indeed.( see picture below)


Another thing I noticed about my Swift was when you press the trip meter you can read the kilometers the car has covered even without Key in ignition slot.

So what new features have you discovered?

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I knew about the ORVM being able to turn the other side. I guess its a protection feature so they dont break in tight spaces.

I am not sure if it counts as a feature but I discovered that I can play the music system in the Polo without bothering to insert the key in the car.

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About the music system getting On and reading the Trip trip meter..

There is a different circuit defined in cars which does not go through your ignition switch.

Mainly the front panel (console).

Like as you said asethi919, you can play the music without even inserting the key.

Same is for M-Esteem (one i had), I could take out the CD/DVD the same way, w/o even inserting ignition key.

Further you can even operate on all your car lamps w/o key..

So keeping user comfort and design allowance in mind, the cars are provided with these features.

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